LF Off Night Raiding Guild

Hi there. I'm currently seeking to raid on the nights I'm not tanking on my main.

I'm available the following times -
Monday after 4pm CST to 11pm CST
Tuesday after 4pm CST to 8pm CST
Wednesday after 4pm CST to 11pm CST
Thursday after 4pm CST to 8pm CST
Sunday after 4pm CST to 11pm CST

My current experience is 11/12 ToT

505 Prot Warrior / 508 Fury Warrior http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Beefd/simple
508 Ele Shaman / 500 Enh Shaman

I am interested in either 10 or 25man raids.

I can be reached at this forum post or add my RealID at FatS#1334
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11/12 experience now and looking for an off-night raid group.
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