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Eurugan ty for this thread, it helped me a lot today, why isnt this stickied..
A I posted this today
B this is the update of a thread me and pak put together (posted by paksanarian) that became out of date after life happened to pak mid 5.2
C, it takes a ton of requests to make a thread a sticky
Is there bug or something with Skoll right now? He is the pet that I usually use but I have noticed that not once today have I gained any stacks of frenzy with him out. I switched to a cat I have and he started building stacks of frenzy right away.

I thought it may have been just I was killing mobs fast with him so I went to a target dummy and tested it.. I went through 3 BW cd's and not one stack of frenzy was generated with Skoll pet... once I pulled my cat out he had full 5 stacks of frenzy by the time my first BW cd was up.

OK now that im at a computer, there is this odd bug that can occur due to not using blink strikes in regard to large mobs (like most raid bosses), where the hit box is larger than 5 yards, the range of basic atacks, the pet cant position itself to be in range of the entire hit box, deems itself in range for auto attack, out of range for basic atack, and thus cant build frenzy stacks. Blizz has supposedly fixed this.

For BM, when using a shrine testing dummy (or any testing dummy with its back close to a wall), using BW can cause your pet to first get stuck in the wall behind it, than the ground below it, so that it is out of los of everything but able to move around and auto atack (which ignores line of sight as its melee range) this will persist untill the pet is dismissed and resummoned.

That said, some models continue to fail to auto cast its basic attack., and its not the model per say, but that particular tamed pet, there are some methods to correct this, leaving combat, retaming the pet, changing pet spec, dismissing and resummoning, killing and rezing (both heart of pheonix and revive pet), each with varying results for various people. also, in some boss fights, the BW spell can get the pet stuck in the ground even with blink strikes active, causing the same issue.
Sooo... Which pet is best for the dps?
Did you even read the thread? use the pet that brings the buff your raid/group is missing, if not, bring talstrider for aoe instant 3 stack sunder armor, if that kind of thing is covered, bring whatever you want, as all pets DO the exact same thing.

If you refuse to read that much, spore bat.
How do you turn off growl? Because I was in a dungeon and someone kept asking me to turn it off but I don't know how. Out of curiosity what about growl was bothering them?
Heres a quote from the new hunter thread.
-Why do tanks keep screaming at me to turn off Growl?
Your pet has a spell named Growl. When grouped with others right click the ability on your Pet Bar to turn it off. If it has a march ant looking thing on it, then it will autocast. Growl is a taunt, it will pull aggro off the tank and they hate that. Make sure it's on your bar to turn it off and on often and to hit it to pull a mob off another player, like the healer or yourself. Healers love it when you save them because the tank is useless. shift-I brings up your pet's spellbook.

Growl A puts pet at top of the thread meter on that mob, and B generates a small ton of threat. It has a shorter cd than tank taunts, and generates alot more threat.

Thread is found at
Did you add your idea for my thread to yours?
Not yet, I sorta blanked on that, prob should as its pet related.
What class covers spell haste? Isn't it Balance Druids? Forgive me :/ Also which buffs are more needed, if the buffs are not filled? For example, I was always told have Wolf out, but if the class who creates the Crit buff is present then move to Mastery. So, Crit > Mastery? Help?
Boomkins and I think Elemental Shaman.

If the Mastery Buff is taken, (Blessing of Might from Paladins) then you move to Attack Speed which is DPS DKs then you move on to Spell Haste which is Sporebats, then you can pretty much go with what ever you want.
OK, so it isn't crit, anymore? It goes Mastery > Attack Speed > Spell Haste > Crit > W/E? Sorry trying to be a good Hunter ^_^

OK, so it isn't crit, anymore? It goes Mastery > Attack Speed > Spell Haste > Crit > W/E? Sorry trying to be a good Hunter ^_^
As far as what to reforge to that is gear dependent. As far as pet buffs, what ever is missing, see above pic.
Boomkins and I think Elemental Shaman.

And Shadow Priests. It's one of the rarest buffs and a 5-man will usually be missing it, some 10-mans have trouble with it too.

It affects healer spells too -- they usually itemize for haste breakpoints assuming that it will be present in raids, so when they're missing it, they can lose quite a lot of effective stats. But there is no healer spec that brings it themselves, so if you don't have one of those three specific DPS caster specs, your healers should really appreciate the sporebat (if they're knowledgeable enough to understand what it's doing for them).
Is the "increase in physical damage done" debuff that the worm and the rhinos do the same as sunder armor from raptors, or is it a separate debuff that stacks?

I've heard different things from different people.
Is the "increase in physical damage done" debuff that the worm and the rhinos do the same as sunder armor from raptors, or is it a separate debuff that stacks?

I've heard different things from different people.

Different things (ravengers do 4% physical damage too), physical damage done is after armor mitigation.

WHat sunder armor does (dont do raptor, do tall strider for the aoe instant 3 stack) is that it reduces your targets armor by 4% per stack, maxing at 3 for 12% amror reduction.

Amror reduces the physical damage taken by the target from other sources. Reduce the armor, your reduce the mitigation. 12% armor loss does not necesarily equate to 4% phiscal damage (my armor reduces my physical damge taken by 38% for example), its 12% less in points of armor, not in percentage. In other words, in say PVP, 12% armor loss will have less of an impact on a clothie than it would on a DK, meaning 12% armor loss will make your attacks hit harder on a DK compared to no sunder armor stacks than it would on a mage compared with no sunder armor stacks.

4% increased physical damage taken, thats just a modifier taking any physical damage recieved and increasing that by 4%. the increase compared with no debuff is the same on a dk as it is on a mage, static 4% increase.

Also, you can have 4% physical damage (stacks to 1) and 3 stacks of sunder armor (or 12% armor los) on the target at the same time.


For a PVE raid boss (testing in female dwarf), 3 stacks of sunder armor net me about 3.5k dps in SV (compared with no sunder amor) The presense or absense of a physical damage debuff for SV reads to small a difference to register in terms of k dps.

4% physical damage nets me 3.1k dps (compared with no phyisical damge debuff and no sunder armor) and 3.2kdps (compared with no physical damage debuff and sunder armor)

In BM, no sunder armor to 3 stacks of sunder armor is 6.1k dps with no physical damage, 7k with physical damage debuff.

phyiscal damage is 6.1k with out sunder and 6.4k with sunder

this means both benifit from one another, as they apply to different physical damage influencing mechanics, one affecting the targets mitigation (with varying dps gain based on targets armor rating), the other affecting the damage it receives.
Thanks again~
Figure ill bump this to point out that Ive updated the thread to reflect the hotifix cast speed reduction rebuff nerf.
Is this 2013 thread still have good right to use with my 100 Hunter?
If not can you post any good links TIA!
This is from last expansion. Of course some of this information has changed, and therefore is no longer relevant. For example, hunter pets no longer cc like they did before wod. Nothing to see here...

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