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My guild is going to start ToT progression next week and I have a ilvl of 506 currently. I have 9455 spirit unbuffed and would like to know if I should gem my 522 Helm that I have (Meta Socket) for int or spirit (I have already gemmed my yellow socket for Mastery already). I have been leaning towards the int gem.

Before people start asking, I don't normally run low on mana at this time. We do run 3 healers for my raid which usually include a Monk and either a Druid or another Paladin. I manage my mana very well and am usually the last to go oom. Would this be the wrong decision or not?
It is going to depend completely on your playstyle. If you're not going oom don't gem for more spirit. If you start to struggle as you progress through ToT then add more spirit. I think less than 10K is low. Personally I prefer as much as possible though. I think I have close to 12K spirit for my Holy set and on fights where I spam aoe healing I'll get to 50% mana if I'm not really trying to conserve.

I don't heal much though for our normal raiding so most of my healing experience is in LFR and on fights like Magaera if I spam Holy Radience for fun I'll feel it. Of course it doesn't take much backing off to regen that mana with 12K spirit and that's how I like it.

I've only healed the first 3 bosses on normal ToT and never came close to going oom with 12K spirit but I prefer the safety net it provides. The priest and druid healer in our group have over 12K as well.
06/14/2013 08:06 AMPosted by Sarvan
It is going to depend completely on your playstyle.

^^This right there.

I usually take spirit over anything...just feels like the "safe" option. I also use Holy Radiance as a HP builder for the most part...with or without a stacked group...

Not saying I'm anything special, but I've healed through 2/13H and spirit always served me right, but again, if you're play style is very conservative, I'd think twice about spirit. My style is very proactive (i.e., keeping the IH and EFs rolling) instead of just reactionary, so I probably spend more mana than needed on fights.
For the meta you want the spirit gem, hands down. For the other sockets it's gonna depend on your playstyle and if you 2 or 3 heal and if your raid is good at not standing in !@#$ etc.
I also use HR alot for a HP builder and run 11.5-12k spirit...mageara is the only fight so far (8/12n) that pushes my mana pool hard, the rest I feel like I could use less regen

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