<Storm Hammer> 11/12 casuals and benchers

<Storm Hammer> has recently managed to pick our team up off the floor and push progression in normal ToT finally getting 11/12 ToT normal.

We went from struggling on horridon to revamping the team and getting 5 progression bosses in 1 week, (3 of which were killed on the first attempt)

we are beginning to plan how our heroic progression will go down after our inevitable Lei Shen kill in the coming weeks and have decided to open up recruitment of social members and bench-warmers.

As we are not currently offering core raid spots I will post this as a standard guild recruitment post.

We are looking for any members that are willing to follow our conduct and keep a healthy guild environment.

We can offer a bank with alot of resources for all, A great community of helpful, knowledgeable, friendly raiders and a chance to be part of some great casual (flex raid) nights.

we can also offer "benchwarmer" positions which means for those who mantain a high item level if you are available and someone dops from the raid team you're in!



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