<Optimus> Pvp, LFM Core RBG Group!

<Optimus> Is a heavy RBG based Guild on Barthilas - Horde and is currently LFM for our new core RBG group, we're aiming to reach 2.2k+ with ease & be one of the best Pvp guilds on Barthilas (Which we probably already are)

What we need:
Ele Shaman
Frost Mage
MW Monk
Feral/WW FC

All all the above must be incredibly skilled and be a BEAST in RBGs

All times are AEST (Also Server Time as well)
Weds - 7:30pm-12am
Thurs - 7:30pm-12am
Sun - 7:30pm-12am
Mon - 7:30pm-12am
We can work out times amongst the core, and once these times are set, you must be 100% dedicated..

How to get hold of me:
Battle-tag: Brad#1235
WTB Optimus core rbg spot
sif change toons to look like someone bumped brad..
Bump for Cancer!
u wintraded last season
Thanks for bump. Bump!
Hi can i play
Bump for Julia Gillarrd
LF a Frost mage and Rsham/Rdruid for core 2k+ RBGs
Badly need a Frost Mage and Rdruid to get these Core RBGs going! 1.9k+min achiev & 1.8k+cr
get zapdos, hes pro
Pro at being !@#$***
Need a Unh DK and Lock for core! 1.8k+! Full Tyran! add Bleedzlol#1995
Haro :)
i eat optimus scum like a pig eats squashed rats.

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