[A] 10m 2/13H - <Inebriated> LFM

<Inebriated> is looking for one or two players to fill out our roster.

We're currently looking for a tank, a healer and melee dps, but all classes/roles considered.

  • We currently raid Tue/Wed 6pm-9pm server (PST)
  • High attendance is required - we only have 6 hours a week and we want to clear the tier
  • Currently 2/13H.
  • We were Hyjal Alliance #1 on the previous tier (10/16H), 8/8H Dragon Soul and 7/7H Firelands
  • Friendly, tight-knit guild

Contact bees#1517 in-game
I have BM/ww Monk 516 that im looking for a group with. 2/13 H exp but im only 12/12 on HIM. ARCO@1855
Bump. Now looking for a tank and thursdays have been off the schedule for a while

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