Please Welcome Lore!

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Join us in welcoming Lore to the World of Warcraft community team!

Many of you are already familiar with this gentleman. He’s been a passionate World of Warcraft player and dedicated member of this community since the beginning. You’ve seen him on shows like “The Weekly Marmot,” “PST,” and “Legendary” providing eloquent design analysis and fashionable hair tips. He has an astonishing understanding of World of Warcraft and its community, and we’re thrilled to be gaining his experience, perspective, and creativity!

He’ll be here with the rest of us actively reading your feedback and discussing it with the developers, chatting with you about all things Warcraft, providing compelling content for the front page of our website, communicating through our official social media channels, and just generally working with us to take World of Warcraft to the next level. :)

Warning: Excessive exposure to Lore by some players has led to sudden curling of the hair, intense feelings of emotional fulfillment, and, in rare cases, rational thinking. If you or someone you know experiences these symptoms, it’s recommended you hug someone you care about immediately. Failure to pay it forward may result in cynical behavior and flat iron malfunctions.
Welcome Lore! Can't wait to see some of your posts.

Edit: Oh and I forgot, your CM Icon. You have to have one of those soon.
Grats to Lore. Hope the other CMs don't give him a hard time. :P

Now perhaps the ultimate question can be asked!?

Who is the wizard that makes the impossible possible ingame??????????? I must know!!!!!!
Gratz Lore!
Welcome back from mind-wiping.
Grats on the dream job Lore!!!
Wait, isn't he the same person as Data? And Dr. Soong?
Yay, and welcome to the team! I eagerly await to see what your avatar will be. :D

P.S. Do you like coffee? (Yes/No/Maybe)
gratz lore and im looking forward for the legendary crew to use all ur blue posts and tweets and blow them way out of proportion...
Welcome to the madness, please try to hold onto your sanity for as long as you can...

it's more fun that way.


/me throws confetti.
Welcome to the team. May you never have to question your sanity (or at least what you will have left of it after working with us). ;)
Congrats! This should be fun to watch Lore adjust to life on the Blue Team!!
Welcome to the team, Lore!

Welcome to the party, Lore!
Now we shall see the whole CM team slowly curl their hair for blizzcon preparations. So does this mean we finally get an curly hair model in game for Lore appreciation? >.>
Welcome, Lore! :)
Huge congrats to my former co-worker and BFF, Lore!

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