Please Welcome Lore!

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CINDER KITTY! OMG! I bring mine out for every raid to match my raid gear ^ ^
Welcome, Lore!
Gratz, Lore! Well-deserved.


Welcome, to World of Lorecraft
Welcome to the team, Lore!


where have you been Crithto, I miss seeing my fav pug moderator. But also welcome Lore, its been a long time coming.

PSST: Developers listen to Lore his insight might fix more than a few problems.
grats again lore im sure you will do wonders there
Um... where's Data? /hides
Cinder Kitten!! awwwwwww
Welcome to the team, Lore! Keep your claws off the furniture, it's not fireproof.

HA he's gonna be a cinder kitty! HA!

fitting considering the flamed out curly hair
Greetings, citizens of the internet!

I’m really excited to be part of the team. I’ve been an avid World of Warcraft player since beta, and to finally have this opportunity to give back to the community I love so much is really a dream come true. Thanks so much for the kind welcome. I can’t wait to start digging in and interacting with all of you!

We promise to be nice to you or the first 24 hours ;).

(Oh wait- I'm always nice to you guys.)
Welcome. Look forward to your future comments and insights

Where is the crab overlord when you need him the most.
WOOOHOO GRATZ glad you got the dream job we all want
so he was known as lore before and now that he's a cm he's still gonna keep the same name? that's unoriginal but anyways

what lore does he know? and why the same name?
Welcome Lore! Always happy to have another kitty, I mean blue, around these parts. :)
Welcome Lore! Always happy to have another kitty, I mean blue, around these parts. :)

Kitty!!! Since when did you jump ship and go Feral. You Traitorous former Restokin!
Welcome Lore.
They should be forced to watch that anytime they have any hint of a bad day. lmao
OOOH a cinderkitten... -picks up pet cinderkitten- -renames to "Lore"-.
aahh.... that'll do.

Welcome lore! :D!

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