Please Welcome Lore!

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Congrats, Lore. As someone who has followed you (and tankspot) for a long time, it is really cool to see how far you've come.
I've been following you on youtube for years and feel as if, even though I have never met you and rarely comment on the videos, we are friends. I'm excited and proud to see you make it to this point and wish you even more success. Blizzard realy found the diamond in the rough.
Congrats Lore!
A job at blizz is every fanboy's dream and I mean that in a very positive way.

I hope it ends up being everything you thought it would be!
I'll just leave this here:
Congratulations Lore!! Keep working hard! Your contributions to the World of Warcraft community have preserved and enriched my gaming experience.
I'll just leave this here:

I can see it now, Kenny is posting for Lore all day while he drinks Margaritas by the San Diego beach.
Grats Lore! Can't wait to see what you bring to the table of world of warcraft.
Welcome Lore!

We'll try not to scare you...too much ;)

Why do I have this sudden urge to get a perm?
who is lore congrats whoever you are.
Welcome and congrats, lore!

Can't wait to see what you have in mind for the community.
Welcome to the new "job" Lore! Remember to post some pics of you at that new desk soon :). Try not to let that CA sun depress you from missing the MI weather!
Congratz Lore!
Welcome Lore, enjoy your time here.
Grats, Lore!
errrrrrrrrr bornakk is still around? it's been years
Totally called the cinder kitten/lore name combo. Since everyone was going to know who Lore was anyway, I didn't see any problem with the lack of anonymity. Again, good luck on the new career path.
Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of orange fur.

Happy kitty, burning kitty, ow, ow, ow. º ∩ º

Sorry Lore, I think Rygarius won your thread.
Welcome to the machine!

I wish you all the best.
Hey Lore congratz, one thing though. Since your the cinder kitten and Crithto is a perky pug, are we gonna see a CM vs CM 1v1 pet battle ? :D

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