Warrior Tank / DPS LF Guild

I am new to the server and would like to find a guild thats a good fit for my play schedule. I would like to raid 2 or 3 nights a week at or around 6:30 - 7 server time. I will need to avoid Friday night raids if possible. I have been a tank since vanilla and would prefer to continue to tank, however I am open to being a DPS if it would fit to best serve a guild right for me. I come from a low population server and only have experience tanking the first 5 bosses in ToT.
Please contact me here or in game if you have a spot for me!
Hi Warlane, Our guild is Premonition. We're a 10man raid group of veteran players new to Hyjal, and we have one open spot for melee dps.

We're currently 5/12 in Throne of Thunder.
MV 2/6H, HoF 6/6N, ToS 4/4 Protectors down.

Raid Hours:
Tues. Wed. & Thurs: 6PM - 9PM (Server/PST)

If you have any questions you can reach Tara or Tibet through in-game mail or whisper, and we can set up a vent meeting to go over anything you'd like to know. My Battle tag: Tara#1812 Our GM: hoobman#1207

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