6/13H Guardian LF raid spot

I'm looking to raid twice a week, weekdays, around 6:30 PST. I'm currently on US-Uldaman but am likely transferring in the near future as I would like to raid but need to do it later at night than my current guild raids.

I don't NEED to be doing heroics, but don't want 2/13 either ...

realid: baenree@hotmail.com

Vinegar Strokes is a 10m built with the purpose of downing content quickly and efficiently. We are made up of former hardcore and semi-core raiders. Many with several realm first kills over the years. We raid with a limited schedule (wed. 630p-1030p PST) so that we can play and still enjoy our personal lives. We will be adding an additional raid day for those of us that would like to raid more often.
If you are interested in hearing more, please whisper Jolope / dklope, whisperawr#1425, or myself (dumper#1127). You can also visit our website @ www.vinegarstrokes-hyjal com .


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