5.4 PvP Gear

I like Wrathful and Relentless set. :3

And most of our PvE sets.
I'm actually quite happy with this one, MoP seems to have a recurring theme: the grim costs of war, and the S14 gear shows it well.

The pieces of gear looks like those of war-worn soldiers, making an armor out of whatever they can find. Their image is left thorn and tattered by the weight of combat, and their image fits that of a soldier of fortune.

It's not exactly easy to actually appreciate the genius behind these sets, but personally, I really like it.
Tyrael wings!
Don't like the way your gear looks? Transmog.
can someone link to the sets plz
Why does it matter. Everyone will transmog it within a week anyway.
The gear sets in mop have been pretty ugly, would rehiring a WoTLK or BC artist be too hard?
any mage?

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