(H-25M) Impulse LFM

Impulse’s main focus is a casual/progressive raiding guild that aims to provide a friendly, helpful, and patient environment for raiders interested in progressing through end-game content. We believe in “people before purples”, and would rather train good people to become better players than tolerate the company of unpleasant people just to get epic gear.

Below is some information on our guild:

Website: http://zuljinsimpulse.enjin.com

Raid Schedule:

25man Team:
Wednesday: 7:30pm-10:30pm Server (Main Raid Nights)
Thursday: 7:30pm-10:30pm Server (Main Raid Nights)
Sunday: 7:30pm-10:30pm Server (Main Raid Nights)

(Server Time is EST)

Recruiting needs:

Resto Druid
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Pally
Holy Priest

BM Monk

Rogue (Combat)
Feral Druid

Hunter (BM)
Warlock (Demo)

We are also recruiting all exceptional players that feel that they would be a great fit to our growing team. So even if your class is not listed above please feel free to contact anyone of us in game to find out more or check us out at our website.

We are looking for the players that want and know how to raid. This includes but not limited to knowing when the fire is on you or when you're being targeted by boss ability. If you're looking to raid with us, please be aware we're not looking for a PuG level of player. We're seeking those who desire to improve and see content. So please when inquiring about <Impulse>, know that we're not just looking at your armory, we're looking at every aspect we can. We will not waste your time so please don't waste ours.

You can Apply at our Website or PST Vironia or Rur in game for more Info. Or ID Vir#1857 or Pete#1756
Still looking
I wish I could raid on those nights, this sounds like the guild I am looking for. The guild I am in now is a guild (which was inactive and I leveled mostly on my own) that I transferred when I came here that I am using as a bank guild and to keep my alts in.
Still looking for a few more folks to add to our great team.
Still looking
Still looking
I like your raid times and it says on your website that you're recruiting Holy Paladins. I'll be sending an app your way. Please send me an in-game mail if you'd like to discuss anything further.

Looking for a MW Monk and a Holy Pally for 5.4
Still looking
Still looking
Still open

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