515 Ele/Resto Shaman

Hello and thank you for taking a look at my post...

I PvE as Ele and PvP as Resto but can and have raid healed forever...Vuhdo..IcHUD..Bartender..etc

I am heading to BlackRock on Sunday as a Transfer to the West Cost Time zone.
If you are looking for a late night 10:00 PM or later raider please hit me up.

I will be looking for a home, but really want to be a good fit for you and I.
I work a funky schedule and know it is hard to make early raid times.

I have raided everything before Cata where I took a 3 year break to work on my MBA.
I don't stand in junk I understand the fights ( after I have seen them ) and am over all a Good to better then good raider as a whole.

MBA is done and I have jumped back into the game.
If you feel I would be a good fit please respond here and ill whisper you in game on Sunday.

Thank you again for your time
Guild: Symbiotic
Realm: Blackrock (Horde)
Progression: ToT 2/13H
Website: http://symbioticsh.guildportal.com
Email: SymbioticRaiding@gmail.com
Raid Times: tue, wed, thu, sun 7-10 PST
pst any officer online
Hey our group is looking for a raid healer we raid at 6:30 server and are 1/13 heroic let me know add me if your interested


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