530ilvl DPS DK LF Guild

Transferred off frostmourne several years ago to follow friends. Recently took a job that conflicts with my current guild's raid schedule so looking to transfer back since my current server is severely under-progressed, severely horde-favoured, and I would like to get back to a timezone closer to my own.

LF a PvE progression-focused guild with at LEAST 2/13 heroic progression and raid times no earlier than 5:30pm and no later than 10pm server time. and which doesn't raid Friday or Saturday evenings. I have no preference for 10man or 25man, and I do not mind faction changing.

My experience is currently 12/12 normal mode, 2/13 heroic in a 10man raidteam. On last check I was currently the top alliance dps player on my server and 3rd best geared DK overall despite my current server being severely horde dominated, though I may have dropped behind in the last week or two due to my work interrupting my raiding. I have full gold challengemode clears and reached <brawler> title before patch 5.2 which serves as at least a small indicator that I haven't been carried to my current level of progression.

My gear is:
530ilvl dual-wield frost dps gear
527ilvl blood tanking gear
I am looking to fill a dps role, not to tank. But I am a capable tank and can perform the role when needed.

I am an experienced raid leader. Have lead raids from karazhan up to throne of thunder. I'm an obsessive theorycrafter and dps simulator, I know absolutely everything there is to know about my class and I play as close to perfection as is reasonably possible and I expect the same from my guild-mates. I spent 120,000 gold buying the ilvl 522 blacksmithing helm and boots the same week that 5.2 was released. and recently spent 60,000g buying an ilvl 535 item from the BMAH, if that servers as any indication to my obsessive minmaxing elitism.

If there are any recruiter's out there who think I would make a good fit to thier guild please reply here or send me an in-game mail/whisper to let me know where I can submit an application. My Battletag is Ncide#1217

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