Can we use Polearm?

Bored with swords, mace or hammers, so I wanna try polearm, or xmog them, but I dont see any pally uses polearm but warriors do? Is there any restriction for pally? If no, is there any good polearm for rets?
The only good current strength polearm (the only one for multiple expansions, though we used agility polearms in LK) is Bo-ris, which is a shared loot table in ToT and is the reason you don't see it very often.
Yes we can, in fact im using one rigth now :)
Thanks guys :)
Warriors don't use polearms either, unless an Arms warrior manages to get Bo-ris. Fury can't use polearms (yet).

Just note, though, that you can't transmog swords, axes, or maces into polearms, or vice-versa.

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