Assassination Rogue LF 25M Raiding Guild.

Title says it all. I'm currently 11/12N in ToT 25 man on this toon. This Rogue has been my toon since vanilla, and I have a great pride of the amount of time I have placed into my rogue. I've raided in every expansion in end game content while it was current, and have had a great time playing assassination in MoP. I am looking to find a home of off Mug'thol due to the lack of 25 man guilds, and all the free Illidian transfers that have come over.

I'm a smart player, and willing to level alts, other classes to have prepared for raids for progression, also have a Frost DK/Shadow Priest as well. I've healed as a Resto Shaman through out BC, and have no problem switching for progressions fights as 5.3 comes to an end, and the push for the SoO.

Thanks for your time, Please add me in Game on Mug'thol or pst me on Dominiko#1777

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