[H] 529 Ele Sham LF Raiding Guild

Currently looking for a new guild, able to raid 3-4 nights a week. Current progression for this tier is 2/13H with exp on Horridon as well.

Able to raid 7pm to 12am server on most nights.

Contact me here if interested :)
Hey Mate

Explicit is looking for a ranged dps to fill there core 10 man raiding team, we are currently 1/13 H and looking for start killing other heroic bosses when we have a decent raid group, Were missing say 1-2 players, the group we have are very close and have raiding with each other for awhile.

Raiding times are Monday, Wednesday Thursday 7.30 - 10.30. we will try and either do alt runs or old content on sundays depending on the interest. There also might be a option to bring back 4 nights a week depending how were are progressing on heroic attempts

if you interested i will be on tonight bout 5.30 we can have a chat about what were looking for and what you are looking for and go from there.

If you want some info on the guild please visit the website

Derp, posted in the other thread to you.

We're currently looking for an Ele Shammy.

Currently 7/13 Heroic and close to our 8th kill (Durumu).
We raid abit earlier then what you are looking for tho (5.30pm-9.30pm server).

Add my btag Razghul#1151 or hit me up in game tonight if you want to know more.

Website is http://www.intolerance.net.nz/

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