LF Horde to get 2 of the Nagrand PVP mounts

The mounts:

It requires you to get 170 total killing blows to get both of these mounts. Unfortunately no one PVPs in this zone effectively making these mounts virtually unobtainable.

There's a spirit that resses every 30 seconds for the faction that has the town so we can quickly pile on kills while one person strips their gear.

When you try and take over a town though, there are messages in local defense, so there is a chance you will encounter alliance if you try and take over the town. I'm geared well for pvp and not too worried if I'm the one who has to take over and horde comes, but just be warned if you need to take it over. Don't get frustrated.

If you got a horde friend who also wants it, that's even better, the kill will go faster and taking over the town will be easier.
It's a quick 2 easy mounts, feel free to add me if you're interested.
Wish the max chars on a server was more than 11 so I could create a horde and advertise there..

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