Rune of Re-origiconfusion

As the title suggests, this trinket is mind numbing. I can't seem to get my head around the concept of losing stats to raise stats. I PvP and PvE as Windwalker and trying to stack mastery over crit and haste feels strange, and kind of difficult.

Should I even be using this trinket for PvP? Or is it strictly a PvE oriented item?

Also, with regards to the question above, does having this trinket force me into PvE stats/optimization?

Keep in mind that my gear/gems/reforges are kind of finnicky right now since I'm still trying to figure this damned thing out.

Thanks in advance.
Basically, keep mastery at 1 point above crit and haste, and when RoRo procs, all your haste and crit will be transferred to Mastery. Then, pop TEB at 1 sec of the RoRo buff, and pop any other dps cooldowns you have.
Taken from Elitist Jerks, because my main is a rogue so I never used this trinket and it's too weird for me to understand D:

Rune of Re-Origination

This trinket adds some complexities to Windwalker. It's a fantastic trinket to use, however, it will cause your secondary priorities to shift. Here are the general rules of thumb for using it:
You are going to want it to proc mastery - meaning that when it procs, you will have high mastery and 0 haste and 0 crit. In order to do this, you need 1 extra point of mastery (UNBUFFED) over your haste and crit. This also increases the value of crit and haste incredibly - but not to the point that they are above mastery.
You are going to want to use your stacks of Tigereye Brew right at the end of the proc, when there are only 1-2 seconds remaining. This is so that you have your full haste and crit, but can still take advantage of the increased mastery from the proc.

Note that - due to the nature of the trinket's proc - it is an INCREDIBLY strong trinket for Windwalker. Other classes may see some use out of it, but it is best used by a Windwalker overall.
With my setup right now 10 stacks of TeB gives me like 140% xtra damage so it is certainly powerful for whatever you use it for. If you can get 10 stacks in PvP it's worth it, in PvE it's easy to do and super powerful.
I wouldn't recommend it for all PvP arenas, so to speak.. only because the trinket will instantly proc and your damage in the beginning is absolutely a waste since you can't build TB until combat and mastery does absolutely nothing for you by itself, and crit and haste will be at 0.
RBG's, probably very good for burst moments because you can technically control the proc on this for the most part. Keep yourself out of combat, maintain your stacks and within like 30-45sec of no combat, it will proc 9 times out of 10. I'd say no for 3's and 5's, but possibly yes for 2's to build up burst.
Get yourself a weakaura set up for it.
Basically, keep mastery at 1 point above crit and haste, and when RoRo procs, all your haste and crit will be transferred to Mastery. Then, pop TEB at 1 sec of the RoRo buff, and pop any other dps cooldowns you have.

Simplest explanation possible. Look at as an alternative to AskMrRobot for reforge / gem / enchanting around RoR.
on this trinket does mastery buff count. So could i run around with my current stats and just use a mastery buff during raid (shaman/paladin) to get my mastery above haste and crit? At my current gear level Id have a hard time keeping all my stats high if i have to bring my mastery up another thousand or so points. I just got my RoRo last night.
The mastery buff does not count but trinkets which buff secondary stats do count also windsong counts.

Basically, short form of how trinket works.

During a proc you are Mastery + ((Haste + Crit) x 2) = mastery and crit and haste = 0.
If you use TEB in the last second or so, it will snapshot your mastery for the 15 second duration of TEB.

So, if you have 7001 mastery, 7000 haste and crit. You will jump to 35001 mastery, 0 haste and crit. Then during the TEB it counts as if you had 35001 mastery for it's duration. And you get to use that while you have 7000 haste and crit.

Now, you may notice the reason for the 1:1:1 stats. Imagine, I just let reforge-lite give me all mastery. 12001 mastery, 6000 haste, 3000 crit. During a proc I would have 30,001 mastery and 0 haste and crit. For TEB I would have 30001 mastery, 6000 haste and 3000 crit.

So, in conclusion you will notice it is far better to balance your stats with that trinket because of the way our mastery works. It only has an effect while we are under the effect of TEB.

If you look at my personal stats a 10 stack of TEB without a proc is +45% damage. With a proc it is 140% damage. Hope that helps.
Ive got my stats question is how does this trinket affect your rotation...I ran it in my guild normal ToT 10man last night for the first time with RoRo and I felt like I was either always wasting the trinket proc because i had no stacks or like 3 or 4 stacks of brew, or I was stacking and stacking and stacking brew and the trinket seemed to never proc. I felt like I was loosing dps overall, am I not adequately high enough geared to truely get my stats setup in a way that I an effectively use this trinket? Before I got RoRo (LFR) I was running 522 Rentaki's and 496 Terror in the Mists, once I got RoRo, i switched to 502 (upgraded 2/2) RoRo and 502 Bad Juju.

I guess long story short is do you pop Tigerseye at the end of your RoRo proc regardless of how many stacks you have as long as you've got some, or do you hold off and let that proc go and then keep building until the next proc? If you find yourself wiht more than 10 stacks of brew and the trinket hasnt proc'd in a while do you go ahead and just use it and hope you get back to 10 stacks (or close to) before the trinket randomly procs again? When the RoRo proc is in effect do you spend Chi or just build it, ie just jab and whatnot until the proc falls off and you've got brew going to start RSK and BKing and spending Chi?

Thanks for taking the time to hold a newbs hand
There are some complicated situations to usage when youd run out of the buff at less than 10 stacks. Lets use Jinrokh as an example. On average a well geared group can do normal mode Jinrokh with only a single lightning storm. Sometimes before the second pool even starts to form. DPS is much higher while standing in the pool obviously. If with 18 seconds left till the first Lightning Storm cast you have a RoRo proc with 2 seconds left, and only 6 stacks of TeB it will be a dps increase to use it then. There are outstanding situations that may require you to think on your feet and decide if its worth it to use it at lower power to get some on demand burst for various reasons. But for the most part you will get bigger gains by waiting till you can use a 10+ stack TeB with 1 second left on your proc.

As to rotation while its up that comes to basic understandings of how our class works. In general if youre going to get a 10 stack roro proc its good to build up a bit of chi during the proc duration, and make sure you wont have to tiger palm because of your buff running out during those 15 seconds. It is a net loss to wait to use RsK in any situation and its good conditioning to practice using it the second it comes off cd no matter the situation. Do not FoF during the proc of roro because at 0 haste level you lose dps in many situations. Just do your rotation normally sans FoF while the proc is up, and do your best to make sure you will position yourself to have 15 seconds of un-interupted god mode with 2 rsks and a fof thrown in during the duration.
It does create a lot of change for a trinket, you can either look at that as a good thing or a bad thing.
Basically, keep mastery at 1 point above crit and haste, and when RoRo procs, all your haste and crit will be transferred to Mastery. Then, pop TEB at 1 sec of the RoRo buff, and pop any other dps cooldowns you have.

^Easiest way to understand how to use it. Well said. Basically, you get way buffed psycho beastmode Tiger Brew because you've reforged to ensure that Mastery is the stat chosen by the trinket, which in turn buffs your Brew to hell and back.

Easier to understand in practice than on paper, IMO.

Not sure I like what it does to the spec, but whatever. Fun to use when the stars align properly.

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