CC Tie with Hammer of Justice

Have you ever tried to CC someone with HoJ who was trying to CC you as well, and it end up in a tie? Say you are in an arena and a Priest runs over to you to do Psychic Scream. You use HoJ on them and they get stunned, but you still get feared as well.

I see this type of scenario happen with HoJ alot, and I was wondering if other paladins have noticed the same thing. If so, I wonder if there is something wrong with the HoJ cast that makes it's stun effect delayed. Maybe there is some delay bug and we can isolate it and ask for this to be fixed.

So when you are going to CC your enemy with HoJ, and they are going to CC you there are 3 outcomes:

1) They CC you before you can HoJ them
2) Your HoJ lands, but they CC you as well (tie)
3) HoJ lands first and the enemy does not CC you.

I seem to get an extreme number of ties. Sometimes I get CCed before I can get the HoJ off but I almost never land HoJ first. When I do get the melee ranged HoJ to land it seems to always be the tie.

Ive got a decent computer and internet connection, I don't really experience latency issues. I just dont win very many cc vs cc instances. The best I can seem to hope for is the tie.

TLDR Has anyone else noticed alot of CC 'ties" with HoJ?
I haven't noticed it with HoJ a lot just because I don't run HoJ very often, can't recall any CC 'ties' when I have used it though. I have noticed it quite a lot with Repentance though. I'm usually running ~50ms latency Home/World.
It isn't just a HoJ thing

i have had similar things happen on my priest and lock

example for each would be ... in the case of my priest ... me and an opposing priest both get feared and run in different directions from each other.
and in the case of my lock i have cast a fear on a shaman when he was hexing resulting in him being feared and me being hexed

best way to sum it would both casts (of any cc) were registered as being cast on the server before it placed the effect of the spells on the recipients then resulting in both parties getting cc'd

so not a bug ... just a awkward by product of timing and processing on the client/server
Then the window for spell resolution is too big. With two instant cast spells, there should clearly be a winner, and considerably less amount of ties.
I have been noticing this alot since MoP has come out and with the crazy amounts of CC going around it happens frequently.

The one that I think is bugged the most is Fear. I get a killing blow on a priest for example and I STILL get feared even though they're dead.
Way back in the day I remember fighting another paladin on the realm who's long since transferred off where we'd constantly simultaneously hoj, then trinket, then repentance each other.
The one that I think is bugged the most is Fear. I get a killing blow on a priest for example and I STILL get feared even though they're dead.

Always happens....and it's always a full duration fear
It happens with gouge and KS on my Rogue too. It's not just HoJ.

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