Level 90 Talents Rework Please?

Hey all,

I think the monk is seriously a well designed class. We have nice tools for many situations and I love playing monk. However, I feel like if there's one thing to improve it's the level 90 talents.

Thematically, the level 90 (tier 6) talents don't make sense. Tier 1 is about mobility. Tier 2 is about a no-cost healing/damaging hybrid ability. Tier 3 is about resources (chi, mana, energy). Tier 4 is about control. Tier 5 is about defense. And tier 6..? It's unclear.

Current Level 90 Talents and Their Purposes
1. Rushing Jade Wind seems to be AoE of some sort which varies from spec to spec. WW monks increases AoE damage, MW increases AoE healing, and BM does some AoE but causes shuffle - but is not good enough to replace blackout kick since it's a 30sec CD.
2. Xuen is definitely just pure single target damage, and it excels very well at it. However, the downside is you cannot control it very well.
3. Chi Torpedo is AoE damage/healing, but you have to basically "suppress" yourself for a second (cannot auto attack or cast while doing it) and can mess up positioning. I don't think it's wise to use roll just to heal or damage - roll should be used purely for positioning I think.

The Suggestion - Theme the Talents Around the August Celestials!

I think Xuen is an interesting skill which could be expanded to the other talent choices. The level 90 talents should be themed around August Celestials and their effects to sort of parallel to the Twin Consorts fight in ToT.

1. Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox. Focused around defense. Lasts 45 sec, 3 min cooldown.
2. Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger. Focused around offense. Lasts 45 sec, 3 min cooldown.
3. Invoke Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent. Focused around utility. Lasts 45 sec, 3 min cooldown.

These 3 choices should be distinct in their effects but similar in how they execute, meaning the monk would summon the celestial and it would do its thing. They all should last 45 sec as Xuen does currently and have a 3 min cooldown. Or whatever, numbers don't matter as long as it's balanced around each other.

Some suggestions for these new celestial effects:
1. Whenever Niuzao attacks (on ICD affected by haste), it could apply a stacking reduced damage taken buff, give a stacking shield, or heal. Maybe it could affect the lowest health ally nearby as a glyph.
2. Xuen is fine as it is (attacking applies a DoT that deals damage).
3. Whenever Yu'lon attacks (on ICD affected by haste), it could restore mana/energy/chi depending on spec or increase some sort of stat. Maybe you could "attach" it to an ally so they gain resources instead of you whenever Yu'lon attacks.

All 3 celestials would do similar and moderate amount of damage similar to Xuen's auto attack but have different effects when they hit something.

Side Notes

A great quality of life change (mostly in PvP) would be to make the celestials controllable - at the very least being able to attack, follow, and move like Hunter pets. A few examples where control would be nice because something happens:

1. I get CC'd for a long time, and Xuen stops attacking.
2. Xuen sometimes attacks a CC'd target and breaks it.
3. Xuen doesn't immediately attack when I use it on someone and I haven't hit the target yet with anything (usually I lightning the target but that can be annoying).
4. Sometimes I'm not sure why Xuen attacks the target he does, and stays on it for a while even though I'm attacking something else.


Anyway, I feel like this would introduce a lot more flavor into the level 90 talents and provide good options for each type of play style/situation.

1. A BM tank choosing between Niuzao for more mitigation or Yu'lon for more energy/chi which can lead to more mitigation indirectly, damage, or both.
2. A MW monk doing arena could help his partners burst by choosing Xuen, or help survive burst by choosing Niuzao. Or he/she could choose Yu'lon to be a little bit more daring with mana usage.
3. A WW monk could choose more sustained damage by choosing Yu'lon, or choose more burst by choosing Xuen.

Each monk spec could choose between all 3 depending on the situation which can apply differently in a PvE or PvP environment. I really hope that Blizz can read this and let me know what you guys think as well. It'd be great to unify the level 90 talents around the central theme of the August Celestials!


TL;DR: Theme level 90 talents around the August Celestials and make them have distinct effects centered around offense, defense, and utility.
Bump for visibility.
As long as xuen is still there, i'll never use anything else. At least for brm/ww

Vengeanced Xuen + multitarget = sexytime
As long as xuen is still there, i'll never use anything else. At least for brm/ww

Vengeanced Xuen + multitarget = sexytime

Even when I MW'd, I still used Xuen.
I love Xuen too much.

But these ideas are much better than the current crap of lvl 90 tier we have, aside from Xuen being the most usable, and personally my favorite.

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