[H] 525 Enhance Sham LG 25 Man Guild

What I am offering:
  • I do as much research on bosses as I possibly can so I don't just simply bring fail to your raids
  • I will take criticism if its followed by a helpful solution to the problem, not just criticism and nothing else
  • I'm reliant on being a team player and have no ego or anything that can annoy people
  • I'm very helpful with things inside and outside of WoW, I will fight to the death to defend you if you need help or do my best to solve technical issues that you may have that could be holding you back form raiding
  • I will make you flask's if you got the mats, I do proc extra and I don't charge tip. Even my transmutes are free of charge
  • I go out of my way to make friends with everyone on the server my character is on to promote good credibility and a positive guild image
  • What I am looking for:
  • I'm looking for week days around 7pm to 10pm ish central time (-6 GMT)
  • I'm not interested in changing to Alliance
  • I'm looking for 25 man raids because I have no experience with 10 man (but I'm willing to consider doing 10 man since I'm having difficulty finding a home)
  • If you have a recruitment page that's complex asking 16 different forms of parsing, want computer specs to a specific science, bandwidth tests, and all that fun stuff then your guild probably isn't for me and I will be very discouraged to join you in your battles within ToT
  • Also, I'm not sure that I am ready for heroic stuff at this time, but I might consider it
  • Very Important Things You Need To Know About Me:
  • I'm an autistic individual so something I can be both a curse or a blessing
  • I have a strange personality type which can be difficult to integrate into large guilds, you need to know this so it doesn't cause conflict within your guild. But I'm a science guy that likes electronic development, doing insane ridiculous things with computers (plus hardware) that nobody in there right mind would ever consider doing, and building strange machines then going around to people and talking about them (I don't mean to creep people out, I'm strange). However if I get out of control, you are more then welcome to tell me to shut up in the most vulgar way possible as long as its followed by a reason as to why, and this can be done without having to worrying about consequences
  • I also work a dangerous job that involves the use of high powered microwave radiation and high levels of radio energy for radio installations/decommissions/repairs/servicing so I need to have a time that works were I can raid then head to sleep, this technology is unforgiving if I make mistakes, and I don't brain and eye's to explode

  • If this somehow interests you, or if you feel that I can be of some kind of value to you, feel free to contact me. My battle tag is Wolf#1973

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