Mingus Diggs

This fight is an absolute nightmare. I'm trying to find ways to maximize my dps in order to beat him. This is what I'm doing.

Long Arm of the Law
Selfless Healer
Hand of Purity
Sanctified Wrath
Execution Sentence

I start by prepotting around 1:49. Any later seems to lock me out of my pot for the fight. I get 3 holy power for inquisition, and guardian/wings, killing the first statue as quickly as possible. I proceed to to second statue, using Devotion Aura, and divine protection first, followed by Hand of Purity. By time these all wear off, the second statue is close to 20%. I bubble, immediately canceling it, and finish off this statue. Then I move on to the other statues, alternating when I start taking heavy damage, and throwing up instant flash of lights/healthstone to keep myself up. I use Hand of Purity and Divine protection on cooldown to further reduce incoming damage, so I can stay on one statue longer. I typically get the last statue down to about 10% before hitting enrage.

I've only gotten to Mingus Diggs once, dropping him to 57% almost instantly. All of this is fully buffed. Strength flask, and 300 strength food included. Prepotting on the fight seems to shave off such a large portion of my potion, which I need for burst, I'm considering not prepotting at all. I've heard that the statues don't dodge/parry, so I've tried reforging all expertise into other stats as well. I haven't fiddled with Sacred Shield much. But the instant heals have been quite useful.
I'm going by the way you spawn inside the arena.

I hit the right front corner first, full CDs burst it as hard as you can. Devo/DP when stacks are around 40. After the first one is dead, Frag Bomb the back left corner, this stuns it allowing stacks to reset. While fraging it run to the left front corner, but the back left corner on your focus and focus hoj it while working on left front corner. Don't worry about healing yourself LoH at sub 10% health. Once you knock out front left corner, make your way to back left corner while putting back right corner on focus. Focus HoJ it once it's off CD, and hope you have the damage to kill the last 2 things and kill the dwarf before rain of fire zerker
Thanks for the advice. I managed to kill Mingus with a somewhat similar tactic. Alternating between a stun and Hand of Purity toward the end, with 2 of the statues up made me not have to switch at all. It allowed me to stay on a statue until it was dead, and left me with a good 35 second to kill the last statue, and Mingus.
For any other paladins doing this, I found Holy Avenger to work a lot better then SW. I was able to kill the first two statues in about 30 seconds using it. Also, don't forget you can stun Mingus during transitions to save a little bit of damage on yourself.
i didn't want to start my own thread because this one is really good.

I also went with holy avenger. my dbm timer wasn't working but i'm pretty sure my guardian was still up when i killed the first two statues. the only thing i have to add is that after i killed the first statue and was headed to the second one it was on my way there that i used execution sentence on the second statue since both my strength trinkets are up along with guardian and potion and wings. this causes the very last tick of ES to hit non-crit for about 280k alone, not including the other 9 ticks.

the order I killed the statues in looking at the mini map.

north east, then north west.

then i ran diagonal to south east to cancel the buff on that one then imediately ran to south west and focused on killing that 3rd (since that one is on the side where the fire starts) switching around 25 or 30 stacks then going back immediately to the south west after cancelling the south east dot.

that left me with just the south east one and the dwarf to kill.

in retrospect, since the goal is to leave the east guardians for last (due to fire coming from the west) i should have killed the left two statues first (northwest and southwest.) this would have saved me some time because i would not have had to taken a diagonal to get my kill order straightened out on the last two.

i prepotted around 1:56 right before boss spawns and used potion again when killing the 3rd statue.

i used same talents and usage of defensive buffs as OP. i did not rely on any stuns to cancel the dots which would have saved me more time from running around.

i was 533 ilvl when i killed him and my final dps was 156.7k and i killed him right as fire started coming down.

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