10m Guild LF Range dps to start HM's.

<The Igloo Birgade> LVL 25 (We're going to be renaming soon):

About Us
-We're currently looking for exceptional ranged dps for our 10 man group. We just reformed from a different guild to recruit some more talented players for HM's. Our current members are all 12/12 with knowledge of some heroic fights we would like to begin attempting. Our group consists of several RL friends and a couple others that all have similar interests in clearing content at a consistent pace. We're a laid back group of people looking to have fun and kill bosses. We hope to find a good group of players to fill our roster so by the time 5.4 comes around we'll be able to start clearing that content ASAP.

Raid Times
-We raid Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, 8:45-11:45PM Server time.

Desired Roles
-Classes that will be considered are,
Shadow Priest

--->Exceptional players of any class will be considered (Excluding tanks)<---

We're also potentially looking to fill a healer position for better raid composition. If you're a,
Disc priest
Resto druid

^Feel free to /tell me or respond to this post, because there is a good chance you will be considered

The bottom line is that we're looking to recruit core players for our raid group. We all have RL stuff going on and we're taking time off to be here. If you don't feel that your attendance will be 90% or higher then our guild probably isn't for you. We don't expect you to know every heroic fight when you join us. We do expect you however to be resourceful with your own learning. We're here to help guide the raid, but you personally will have the responsibility of showing up on time prepared.

If all or any of this sounds interesting to you, or if you have any questions or concerns, find me in game ---> Izzyhear#1300 <--- or respond to this post.
Spots open tonight for a normal clear, 8:45 server time

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