Profession Leveling Kits For Sale

I make 1-600 Inscription, Alchemy, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Engineering^ Leveling Kits. All mats are gleaned from so visit the site for leveling details. Kits can be provided through trade windows or pulls from a guild bank (if paid in full) NO COD.
**Please note: Inscription Kits take about 70 bag slots, Alchemy Kits take about 80 bag slots, Leatherworking Kits take about 170 bags slots, Blacksmithing Kits take about 170 bag slots, Jewelcrafting Kits take about 80 bag slots, Tailoring Kits take about 290 bag slots**

Available Kits and Pricing:
( ) Inscription Kit 10k
( ) Alchemy Kit 10k
( ) Tailoring Kit 15k
( ) Leatherworking Kit 20k
( ) Engineering Kit 15k
( ) Blacksmithing Kit 25k
( ) Jewelcrafting Kit 22k

*Note: Available Kits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to order a kit for a certain timeframe, please whisper me in-game and we can negotiate a deal.
^Engineering Leveling Kits only go up to 580.

I'll take an Alchemy kit, no rush order on it. Contact me in game, or ill send ya a mail in the morning. :)
Any chance for a JC one?
Leatherworking Kits will be available soon, but Jewelcrafting will not be a kit available, sorry.
Purchased an Alchemy kit for my Lock, couldn't have went smoother. Highly recommended!
Might be interested in a Leatherworking kit. Let me know your price! :)
Bought alchemy kit for my alt. Worked perfectly. The whole transaction was a pleasure.
interested in buying both kits. message me in game, forgot my battle tag lol.
Bought an Alchemy kit from Dellesaria today, was very professionally done, on time. Couldn't have gone smoother, 10/10 would buy a kit from again
It would be awesome if you would let me know when you have some Alchemy Kits in stock.
Looking to buy an Inscription kit. please find me in game.
Bought an Inscription kit tonight. Very professional and courteous!

I need an Inscription kit. BT-Ensanety#1780
Just finished purchasing a Leather working Kit from Delle. Professionally done and a great experience.
Amazing experience and super awesome personality to boot. Purchased 2 Alch kits and they were done before the time given. Fast and efficient. 2 Thumbs up.
LF a Enchanting kit how much??

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