iLvl 527 Healer 12/12 Normal 1/13H LFG

Looking to transfer to Proudmoore from a dead server. Any guilds looking for an experienced Monk healer with 12/12 normal ToT, and Heroic Jin-Rokh down?

I also have a 505 Tank/DPS spec, which is largely unused, but I could probably adapt quickly.
Ohch is strong. Master of the Quadra-lift.
IQ is a 10M alliance guild currently at 2/13 HM ToT, and we can use a healer for our weekend team (Sat/Sun 3-7pm PST/server time). For more information, PST Foxxe#1123 or visit our website @
Look us up We are a 3/13H 25 man guild here on PM.
Heya Ohchaerin, hows it going? <Amicus> of Proudmoore Alliance is looking for 1 solid healer to fill a core spot. We had late start in the expansion, a lot of us old friends returning to the game and we are currently 2/13 Heroic 10m, and planning on getting Horridon this week (maybe with a new Monk healer, wink wink.)

Raid times are as follows:
Tuesday: 5-9 PST
Wednesday 5-8 PST
Sunday 5-9 PST

If you have any questions feel free to add me, #Emerik1376
Hi Ohch! We may have a healing spot open if you're interested!

<Cinnamon Challenge> is 1/13H, making pretty wonderful progress on murdering a large bird on heroic difficulty (Lei Shen may or may not be charged for this, bird removal isn't cheap), and we're in need of a skilled Mistweaver like yourself to move on and murder more of the things in Throne of Thunder, in addition to looting them of all of their belongings, and dinosaurs. As my co-GM has stated in our recruitment thread on the forums, we're all very friendly

We raid Weds 5-9 Server Time and Thurs 6-9 Server Time

If you're interested, PST at Lowmaine#1845 or Escorducarla#1226, or just hit up our website at

If you have any questions, I stay awake at odd hours and will most likely be around to answer them!

If you are still looking at guilds with your requested interested. Currently, within <Icon>, Pup N' Suds is seeking a healer to help us finish ToT before 5.4. We are 3/13H and will be progressing further this week. We raid Thur & Fri 6pm-10pm PST. If this possibly interest you add me in game to discuss this opening further. Battletag: BallisticKai#1894

Either way I wish you luck in your search!



If you are still actively searching for a guild on Proudmoore then <Visceral> would like to speak w/ you about an open core spot. We are 2/13HM, raids are Tues/Thurs/Mon 7-10pm PST.

Please get in touch so we can discuss. Lessthanzero#1580

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