498 (And Gearing) Ele sham LF +8 Guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Just changed characters after my guild has disbanded, I was originally a Mage (528 ilvl) and looking for a heroic australian/sg raiding guild starting after 10:00 ST raiding.

I have an extensive history with WoW leading back to WoW beta, high awareness and have lead raids in previous expansions. Only looking for highly skilled raids/guilds that are clearing Heroic content. I will continue to gear my character over the coming weeks
Sanctum in Dreadmaul has been around since BC. My team has completed 1/13HM ToT. We are in need of a healer. We raid Wed, Thu and Mon from 11pm to 2.30am AEST. You can contact me at Pax#1915 to discuss further if this fit you.
Tribo of Nagrand are a 5 year old, 25 man raiding guild. Currently 1/13h, we raid 3 times a week on a +8 GMT schedule. (wed/thurs/sun 8pm-midnight +8gmt, that's 10pm oceanic server)

Our recruitment link is here for more information:


Feel free to pst me in game for more info, or to drop an application in at www.tribo-nagrand.com

Best of luck in your guild search.

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