wow armory not updating 1 char

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Im not too sure where to post this but its frustrating me to no end.

This is my priest who I do most things on and I've had forever. However, the armory is slow in updating it and my achievement points, or not slow just not doing it.
But my other lil priest who Ive been on and just starting to try gear up is updated and all the achieve points are shared and updated.

Why does this one not show pet battles on armory? when my other priest does? so Im missing points on here mostly due to pet battle bug on armory.
Why does this one not show my newly acquire FOS (and I got it on this one) yet my other priest does? Theres a big FOS difference here from 17 vs 34?? huh?

Main -
Newbie -

bump me to match myself pls.. as its driving me insane. I just want them all to reflect the same stuff.. especially the one that actually earned the achievement!

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