Celestial Blessings quest on a Shadow Priest

I spent four hours working on this quest changing out glyphs and talents and trying to devise a strategy but with no success. Has any shadow priest been able to do it? What strategy did you use? As of right now, I am thinking it is impossible.
Here's how I did it as an arcane mage.

Popped cooldowns right off the top and blasted him from behind. You can get him down fairly low with a flurry at the start.

Ran around in a panic avoiding Wrathion's attacks while killing as many of the adds as I could.

When the mirror images popped up, I ran up the stairs to the back of the balcony and used either invisibility or ice block (I forget which). The adds then ignored me and went downstairs where Wrathion was still playing with his mirror images.

Bandaged and waited for the mirror images to stop. When they did, Wrathion came up stairs while his adds stayed downstairs. At this point, without adds, he was easy to kill.

Trick is to stay deep on the balcony so you don't reaggro the adds.

If you don't have something like ice block to get out of combat, still run up the stairs during mirror image, but kill the last few adds and then bandage and wait for Wrathion.
I tried the balcony trick using fade and shadowmeld but sadly the bloods still continued to attack me. It's the bloods that are giving me an issue. Once I make it to the copies part, I can aoe the copies, but the continual spawning of the bloods is just too much. I am only able to keep shadow word: pain on Wrathion after the bloods spawn due to the adds hitting me and the ground effects that have to be moved out of, so I'm not doing a whole lot of damage to him. This is a very frustrating fight.
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Once I make it to the copies part, I can aoe the copies, but the continual spawning of the bloods is just too much.

I just completely ignored the mirror images and hid upstairs.

Can you just stay up top and kill the adds while Wrathion plays with his mirror images downstairs? You can ignore him and the images completely while you're up top.

PS Looks like we have our own private Thunderbrew Guard thread going here. We really ARE special snowflakes! :)
While Wrathion is downstairs playing with his copies, the bloods he spawns continue to travel up the stairs to me. Eventually, Wrathion himself pops upstairs and I have him AND the bloods to contend with. It's not pretty.
Just killed it a few minutes ago after 6 or 7 tries. Here's the spec I used (these worked for me; of course they might not be the right choices for other people):

Void tendrils - I tried psyfiend on one pull, the bloods seem to be immune to it.
Body and soul - Movement speed makes all the difference
Mindbender - I wasn't standing still long enough to make Insanity appealing.
Divine star - Too much going on to bother with "optimal range".
DI - Again, not standing still much limited my options for killing bloods. Decided to multidot and MB when it procced instead of trying to get enough clear space to channel something.

Glyphs: fade, MF, inner sanctum.

Pulled Wrathion to one end of the hallway. Once he jumped over to me, I ran to the other end. Started mind searing down bloods as soon as they spawned. As they got closer, divine star, and the few that were left could be rooted with void tendrils before they got to me. Multidot everything that's still alive and just focus on avoiding damage and using the DI procs to burn down the bloods. The faster you kill them, the easier it is -- they move faster and do more damage the longer they live.

The mirror images die very quickly and didn't seem to do much damage. Wrathion's arc attack hits pretty hard (even if you don't look to be in it when it goes off). But the real danger are the bloods. Handling them properly is the key to this fight.

TLDR: Kill the bloods as fast as you can. The longer they're alive, the deadlier they are.
is it glitched out for anyone else where you cant talk to Yu'Lon? i have the rest of the quest finished.
You don't need to talk to Yu'lon to get credit. As you walk/fly up to Wrathion (he's on the bridge in front of the temple area) he'll start babbling and it'll bring up a cutscene; you should get credit for the quest right then.
Does anyone have any tips for this doing it as a destro lock. Im killing the adds but they are sticking at 1hp stacking up and killing me and my pets as fast as I can rez them. Its really annoying. Im using my demon gates, my demonic circle, shadowfury I have tried using different pets even my voidy is being owned by the adds. Its really starting to bug me now lol
Any help will be gratefully appreciated.
Heavanlie x
I just completed today,imo it might have received a nerf as of todays wed 6-26 maint since he did go down a lot easier than my previous attempts. nuke him at start once bloods are out run outside to balcony using spectral guise to drop aggro,,stay out there once he starts his mi phase.
heal yourself up during that phase.nuke him again once he comes back out to you.i think the bloods are a rng thing on balcony as on a couple deaths they spawned out there and on my kill and 2 close attempts I never saw them again. stay way back if possible as going to close to stairs will aggro them to you
Jebus Christmas.
Just finished this as an Spriest, took almost 2 hours of wiping. Pro Tip. If you have void tendrils, use them on Wrathion himself when you can, it keeps him from turning so you can keep that 250% DMG buff when you're behind him.
Adds. So many adds. They hurt so bad. do what you can to not kill them all at once, once they start popping back, SO much easier to take one out at a time.
Mirror Phase.
Go chill on the balcony, kill adds as they come up, eventually Wrathion will get tired of himself and come see you, VOID TENDRILS! At this point, you've killed a bunch of adds one by one, and its just Wrathion OMGIMABEINYOURFACE. Void Tendril him in place, hop on his back.
It's a hard fight, but ultimately, this is how i got beyond it.
Finally beat the challenge.

I tried all the balcony tricks with no luck, but this method worked for me with about 10 tries and I could easily get him to 10% each time so it was just a matter of timing and luck. My ilvl was 521 so this method may not work for everyone. The key is using Psyfiend/Fade & Psychic Scream to keep the adds busy while you move behind Wrathion to DPS him. You won't even see phase 2 if you have enough DPS.

Important talents:
Psyfiend is the only critical talent. Use what you think achieves your highest DPS. I use Power Infusion and Solace.

Get the Celestial Offering from the August Celestials for the 10% int buff.
Get at least spell power, critical strike and Stats buffs from friends.
300 int food
Kill some trash to generate 2 or 3 orbs depending on how you like to start your rotation. I like starting with 2 to get a Mind Blast off while the Power Infusion is active.

Stand behind him to start and as much as possible. Pre-pot with Jade Serpent, PI, VT, SWP, MB, DP, MF(Solace) This will get him down to around 50%. I also threw a Shadow Fiend at him in here.

Adds Spawn:
Psyfiend and Fade. Timing is critical, it doesn't always work if you do it too quickly. This will keep the adds busy for about 30 seconds, usually enough to get Wrathion down to 20%. When adds come after you again use psychic scream. I also had a couple of cases where I could Psyfiend and Fade again after the scream.

Beat him at the very end with me only having 5% health by dotting him up and using dispersion to survive just long enough for the dots to kill Wrathion.

A lot of people are talking about using Void Tendrils instead, but I found that the adds would get out of them very quickly and you had to time it just right. The adds also have a pretty big hit range so they were hitting me hard while trying to time the tendrils.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
Things I used
- Flask
- August Celestial Blessing
- Self Buff - Fortitude
- Potion of The Jade Serpent

- Power infusion for on the Call High Dps
- Psyfiend Didn't Work for me But I had it already
- Angelic Bulwark saved me once at least
- Solace insanity Kills Him So Fast

Well I Just Completed This and The only Reason I did is a few tips And PURE LUCK!!! There was one post Where a Guy Suggested standing on The Railing But He Really Said BALANCE on The Railing Which I Figured out after thinking this is impossible For Priests Given are Low Movement Dps But anyways jump on the railing and inch forward To where You are almost Falling off Don't just Jump Up and think your Safe Get To the Very INSIDE edge of the Railing and Wrathion literally Sits there for a Sec and if you miss interrupting his blood Don't sit in it Jump off The Railing and NUKE The Piss out of Him But Try To Stay hugged against the railing As best you can so The Adds Don't come out of there Room If He Uses his Aoe Stay out of it As Best You Can I Couldn't I Was surrounded by bloods So it was a tense Situation At The Time So I Soaked About Four Heavy Aoe Hits But I Had plague and Embrace Ready For that Final Moment I popped my Jade Serpent potion Popped Power infusion Put Dots Up Hit embrace Then Plague Halo for Minor Self Heal And then Insanity Ate Him For Breakfast

Anyways Thanx for all the helpful Tips You guys Are Awsome Got my 600 Cape Because of You

P.s I Know my Grammar is Horrible
P.s I Know my Grammar is Horrible

It's not your grammar, it's your weirdass capitalization that makes your post hard to read. Try typing correctly!


I tried several times and gave up. In the middle of trying Holy and heal my way out of this mess. Not a healer, have no idea how so it's not a pretty picture. =P

Will get this done eventually!!
As none of the strategies for completing this challenge was working for me, I was finally able to complete this quest by dual speccing holy and doing the healing challenge. I reforged, gemmed and enchanted as needed to get the spirit necessary to not run out of mana. While keeping heals on Wrathion and myself, and helping the little brat kill Deathwing, it was a much more doable challenge than the dps version, which in my opinion, is in dire need of a fix. Good luck!
This fight suck as a SPriest can't cast anything on the run that make any decent damage.
No improvement in the next patch except a nerf to our shadowform Yeah !!!!!! Nerf us even more to show us how much you love us. I'm not a healer however i did try the healing fight i lasted longer i shouild spend a 1000g on gems and reforge will still be cheaper then the repair bill from the dps quest :) 2 weeks left on the subs hopefully i'll be able to get it down or keep him alive lol
I know this 15% Damage Reduction loss sucks. It sucks a lot. But! Keep in mind these Buffs from the PTR Notes that people seem to over look.

Shadow Word: Pain now deals 25% more damage.

Shadow Word: Death now deals 15% more damage.

Vampiric Touch now deals 20% more damage

Shadowy Apparitions now creates a shadowy version of the Priest that floats towards the target and deals damage. The apparitions are now treated as a missile, and is no longer an attackable creature. <-- ALSO, this means they will no longer get caught on walls and corners.

From Darkness, Comes Light
: Now has a 20% chance to activate its effect for Shadow Priests
Pretty sure clones do damage when they die. Balcony is just a nice way to stay alive.
They do not, they just die and then all of them disappear.

....and did my post disappear or something? I swear I posted >>

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