Viable arena comp holy

Just got my holy pally to 90. Other than kitty cleave 3s what are viable arena comps (2s and 3s)?? My warrior friend and I are having trouble with 2s because of frost mages/hunters being spammed all over twos. Thanks in advance.

Next patch is looking good for warriors and pallies so hopefully holy pally/warrior will be a little stronger.
Blame yourself before the comp.

Warrior/hpala should very easily be able to deal with hunters.

Get better at communicating scatters so your warrior can intervene them, or better yet, learn to read the hunter and cast Hand of Sacrifice on your warrior before scatter.

It's just practice is all I guess.

I'm only 1600 in 2s btw, but hope I helped in someway.
Tell your warrior to get pve trinkets and faceroll with every other 2s dps this season.

Anyway, you're going to feel super gimp in every bracket. Casting all our ccs and two being melee range basically makes us super weak. There's not a healer in the game who shouldn't be able to shut us down, nor are there any DPS who can't take advantage of the fact blizzard feels we should be 'interruptable' in comparison to other healers.

Get glyph of denounce and see how that goes. Get a procwatch mod to help you figure out when it's up. It really is the best utility we have for now. Remember when going for healers that they cannot crit heal when you have denounce on them. When and if you do get a CC chain on someone, remember when it's over and you have nothing left to throw denounce on them and remember to assist your partner in damage.

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