Some Mistweaver PvP Addons?

Okay, so… today I respecced MW from BrM because my friends wanted me to heal for them at 90, and because I was considering it anyways, I did.

Now, when I respecced I felt weird not having addons. So, I am deciding to ask the forums what addons would be recommended for a MW Monk who intents to PvP at level 90 as well as heal PvE instances sometimes too.

I tried healbot but didn't like it because it felt bad balancing my offensive ability keybinds (jab, etc) with my heals. Do you think there are any great MW Addons that I should try?

Thanks in advance,
Monk Class wise, i only really use NugComboBar to track my chi easier, looks cool too.

But other addons not all pvpers have but are VERY good include:
Stealth Alerter

That list is good for any class.

GL in your pvping and pve progression!
Also you may want to use a raid frame mod, like Vuhdo or Grid2.
i just use the raid frames but enlarged, works like a charm

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