Switching from Retribution to Prot or Holy

I've got enough characters in dps specs and it's easier to find a group as a tank or healer.

Protection Pally vs other tanks
Holy Pally vs other healers

Which is better?
You're asking a very general question, that really doesn't have a straight answer.

For most fights this tier Prot paladins are very powerful in comparison to the other tanks. Some of this is because they can reliably clear debuffs letting them efficiently solo tank a few of the bosses
Some of it is because their active mitigation, absorbs, and healing are quite powerful

I'd say Brewmasters and Prot Paladins are exceptional tanks in ToT, at least that is my experience. Whether or not this will be the case for SoO, we don't know yet. I assume it will be the same unless we get a major nerf, because the reduction to ShoR/Battle Healer really didn't hurt, and the vengeance changes ( assuming it even gets changed ) won't make a huge difference.

Healers? Holy paladins have been solid this entire expansion. In comparison to other healers I'd say they are pretty on par with priests.
hpally healer here. holy paladins are indeed on par atm. monks druids and paladins all sit at the same point, with disc high, holy priest and shammy left in a ditch for some odd reason, not quite sure what's going on with that.

im not entirely sure how accurate this link is but i tend to use it to look at my logs and the position of other healers on the particular fight

25m http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/#0000000000000000000000000000111111
10m http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/Spec_Score/10H/100/14/60/default/#0000000000000000000000000000111111

in the end although there is a lot of talk about hpally being overpowered, thier mastery carrying them ect its not really true and they sit at a nice spot between the other healers on most fights.

if your looking for an easy spec im not sure what to say, if you are looking for a high demand everyone loves a holy paladin in their raid for bop sac and loh. and same goes for prots ability to solo bosses.
thanks for the info

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