Recruiting for Core and group 2

Area 52
We are recruiting for our Core Progression group.

We need a couple of healers: need to be Holy priest (no disc), holy pally, resto shammy, resto druid.

We are have open recruitment for our 2nd raid group and for any members who simply want to be part of a friendly guild.

We moved here from perenolde as a small 10 man guild and decided to move up to 25 man.

Presently we are 6/12 in To. As a 25 man, we have members that are 12/12n and 5/12h as well as in 10 man and members that are very new to raiding in MoP. Must be accepting of our desire to include those that have a willingness to learn. Must be efficient at moving out of damaging problem areas on the ground, following directions and learning from mistakes. Gear is of no consequence to us, you will get it, what you don't get once, will eventually come around again. Be Patient.

If interested, please whisper Vertigó (o= alt 0243), Shetani, Ämarrna (A= alt 0196) or Ðeisle (D= alt 0208) for further details, you can send and in game mail as well. We ask you have willingness to discuss options with us prior to acceptance.

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