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Yeah I liked all that.

What, the way it really was or your fictional version?
I think Flex raiding will help the newbies learn to play their classes and the game in general a bit better, but I think it shouldn't stop there.

Also, if Blizz did extend their arms to help people play better, as lots of you have said, that is just half the battle. The people need to WANT to get better.

It is not a time thing. People who say excuses that they are bad at the game because of time and because they have a life, is complete rubbish. With the way the game is these days it takes very little time to min max your potential. Learning how to do things such as live on encounters and not stand in fire is a whole new level entirely though.

I would really like if there was class tutorials. Hell i'd even watch them, and wisen my own abilities.

Actually, I would argue that it does take time to learn how to play the game better. If you don't take time outside the game to read about your rotation/priority, important stats, gemming, enchanting, etc. then you're not going to play your class well. If you don't take the time outside the game to watch videos or at least read about the boss encounters then you're not going to know what to do and what not to stand in when you get into your random dungeon/raid. And when you start dungeon finder, with 8-10 dungeons that could queue up at random, each with 4 or so bosses with different mechanics to learn, yes it does take a bit of time outside the game to learn what to do for all of the possible encounters. And some of us are slower learners than others, and it might take a couple of views of a video before we remember the mechanics of the fights. And even then we still might make mistakes.

I agree that those players who don't actually want to improve are annoying...but they are typically immature kids or people who are just jerks in real life anyway. I would say the majority of people do want to improve, but maybe have limited time or maybe they don't know about all of the resources outside of the game they can access to help them learn. If no one ever tells them, how would they know? Yes there is Google, but many people don't automatically think about turning to Google to answer questions, especially if they don't even know what questions to ask.

So basically it comes down to either the veteran players learn to be nice and help new players/players learning new roles, or Blizzard has to implement things in game to help new players along. Since we already know what the current state of humanity is like, Blizzard took the road that is obviously necessary. Blizzard is a business, and their main goal is to make money, and you don't make money by telling your customers to figure it out on their own or quit playing.
Have you checked out the Patch 5.4 PTR notes yet?

I think you may take particular interest in the Proving Grounds feature. It'll be a great way for players to learn some of the more complex (at least for beginners) aspects of gameplay, especially for tanks and healers. We're hoping to have some more info for you guys soon.

I actually said to add something like this way before even the brawlers guild was in the game
I agree with the OP completely and I think that BOA's made this worse because you can just go in a dungeon and annihilate mobs instead of learning your class and being good. It's not just BOA's either, it is because people cry about the game being too hard because there's not much intelligence there obviously.
You all are right. Change is good but not so other players can be carried. Anytime change is involved someone has to make a comment. It is just the progression of the game and now we just have to eat it. This is still the best game to play.
Why does the ability and progression of anyone else affect you?

Why do you care if someone facerolls to 90 and clears LFR?

Why do you care if someone is a whining idiot on the forums?

It has zero effect on you or your enjoyment of the game. I don't care if Blizzard adds a literal "AFK in this zone and get a piece of loot every hour" feature as long as it's clear that's where that gear came from. And yeh, go armoryshame me, I'm a lot of LFR or Hscenario gear, that's how I can play now and I'd raid if I could, but ~crazy schedule and bad server~ means that's how I get to enjoy the game. It has zero bearing on you and your enjoyment of the game just as people in full heroic who have had the time to gold all challenge modes and are transmog'd up have zero effect on my enjoyment of the game (except maybe depressing me a bit that I can't commit to a proper raid group)

tldr just deal with it, other people will play the game how they want and it's none of your damn business, concern, or right to be OFFENDED AT LFR
Also, you learn that the Alliance in Jade Forest are using what is practically slave labour of Pandarens.

Real nice Alliance, real nice.

But that's just the Alliance trying to give them the satisfaction of good old fashioned physical labor!
Assuming that these are all peoples mains, I find it interesting that the majority of people who have been against me the whole time have no normal raid achievements and their gear and raid progression are all LFR or worse. They are the very people I am talking about who are happy getting access to everything and doing virtually nothing to get it. They are the people who tell Blizz the game is too hard and no make the game easier.

I doubt any of you could even comprehend where I am coming from with this whole "the game is too easy" thing since even with the game as moronically easy as it is now, is still hard for you to wrap your head around now.

My point still stands, Blizz should not ruin the game for the sake of bad players who want everything handed to them.

LFR will be the pinnacle of my progression, I just don't have the time to dedicate to "real" raiding" nor the inclination to make time. So I fall under the "casual" moniker and that's fine. I did play a bit back in the 2.4.2 days, so I know somewhat of how it used to be in the old days, i.e. having to group to do some quests, many quest NPCs being elite, and all that. I still recall fondly my head handed to me on a platter many times by the orcs in the Redridge keep.

Anyways...I don't want things handed to me, but then again I don't want to spend hours theorycrafting, simulating, and perfectly optimizing things. My gf is a "real" disc priest raid healer, a very good one at that...does all the worldoflogs, the analysis, even co-runs a healer's podcast (OOM I think it's called) to assist others. As a result, she gets the better gear, the quicker progression, the higher rewards than I do.

I'm perfectly fine with that, the real raiders should get the best stuff for their effort. Us LFR'ers should get the less good stuff and be happy with it. This system seems to work the way it is right now, so let's all hug and be cool.

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