Monk too boring?

I just got MoP and leveled a Pandaren Monk and found it too boring. She's only level 12 but can't muster the willpower to level her any further. Will it get better if I continue or if I don't find it fun now should I just stop?
Idk u play which spec. The fun spec is brewmaster and mistweaver.

Brewmaster is the most active and exciting tank, but hard to master. Last time my off spec is BM, but change to WW bcos my guild hv another skillful BM.

Mistweaver can dps and heal at the same time. At lvl 90, with proper gear, can pull a group of mobs (3 to 10) and AOE down them and life still almost 100%. Can reach 100k dps.
It gets so much better, keep going!

if you have heirlooms you can get to lvl 20 super fast... then at lvl 20 you get access to those daily quests from the monk sanctuary place you can teleport too which again vastly increases your exp gained...

using that when mop came out this char was into mop content within two afternoons of playing and then got to 90 shortly after that.

As for does it get better... monk healing/tanking have been the most fun i have had doing either of those roles since vanilla.
Monk at low levels sucks. It gets better pretty quickly for MW and Brm... WW sucks for a bit longer.
I felt the same way as TC. I almost hate to say it but I think it was being a Pandaren. I know I know I hate myself for thinking it but I think it was. Anyway I tried a Draenei and my God I nearly died of boredom. Anyway I ended up oddly enough with a human monk and it is awesome. I am leveling WW and probably going to tank/heal when I get max level. Anyway like others say stick with it. Being a monk is the most fun I have had with the game in a long time.
What about it do you find boring?

I find WW a blast.... And Brewmaster.... However I thought mistweaver was just annoying, personally.
Monk is the antithesis of boring...keep playing and thank me later.
I was hooked from level 1, but I had also played it on the beta, so I knew a bit of what I was getting into. But I'm the same way with shamans, I just can't get passed level 15 without falling asleep. Personally, I love monks, they've pretty much broken any other melee class for me.
I don't think any class is fun up until like lv 30. And for warlock affliction.. like lv 8x haha

Also, monk is the funnest so far. I like tanking better than paladin or druid tanking. and healing is so much more fun :D
Level 12? So you spent 15 mins on a toon and made the call it was boring?

Of course the low levels are going to be boring . . . . . .

they always are . . . .

Just have to dig in . .
The most I can say is stick with it, I haven't regretted rolling this Monk since day one. They become incredibly fun later on!
lv12... everything is boring at lv12.
wtf... WW is the most fun ive ever had leveling a class. The only other class/spec that even compares is feral druid. But I guess its a matter of opinion.
i find WW at 90 to be quite enjoyable. theres a lot to watch when dpsing, so you arent going to get bored.
Brewmaster until 56. Then Windwalker. Windwalker absolutely does not take off until you get Tigereye Brew & Rising Sun Kick.

But running around as BrM up until then is hella amazeballs.

Let the fun begin!

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