Disc Priest 514 1/13H LF raid team

Im 12/12 normal and 1/13H , currently lookin for a raid team, on weekdays i cant raid past 9 server because im east coast and gotta get up early. I know my class and know what im doing :) If you want to see how i heal you can look me up on youtube at youtube.com/phenomrom where i post my kill videos i have a playlist just for them :P

You can whisper me in game as Phenom or add me on btag Phenom#1759
Hey Phenom,

If you are able to raid on Sat/Sun from 3-7pm PST, we can use a healer on our weekend team. Below is our recruitment post if you'd like to check us out.

<IQ > is a newly transferred 10M alliance guild on Proudmoore, and we are recruiting a capable healer and range DPS to join our weekend core raid team. We are a semi-hardcore, family-oriented and drama free raiding guild, and we are currently 2/13 HM ToT.

Weekends: Saturdays & Sundays @ 3pm-7pm (PST/Server Time)

If you are interested in joining us and/or would like more information about IQ, please visit our website at iqguild.enjin.com or PST me @ Foxxe#1123.

Thank you.

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