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Elder Scrolls Online is probably the worst MMO I’ve ever played in my entire life.

Imagine Skyrim with 8,000 other players.

Everything you need to loot is already looted, every container is empty, every treasure chest has already been emptied, every door is already lockpicked, and the combat consists of swing/block/powerswing so the combat is incredibly boring and you just see a bunch of other players flailing their weapons rapidly.

It’s an Elder Scrolls game, with MMO elements (IE: A zone filled with wolves and a quest to kill 5 wolves), and so many people running around that you can’t solve anything yourself.

I got a quest to “Find the real Frozen Man!” and there’s 7 clones of him in a room, and when you pick the wrong one, they scramble. If you stand still, you’ll get a hint of which one’s the right one because he sneezes.


It’s not even just the players ruining it

It’s just bad in general. It’s like an Elder Scrolls game that’s very quiet and slow-paced and enemies have even worse AI than they had in Oblivion. I shot a skeleton archer with my bow, and he put a ground-target spell about 40 feet from me and just shot the ground. I didn’t even move. He just shot the ground to my left.

I was like “Kay? Maybe not every enemy does that.”

Yeah, every enemy does that. They’ll ground target near you or on you, then someone else will run by and they aim at the someone else instead of you for no reason.

Enemies have leashes that are about 20 feet long, too. So if you fail to get a sneak-attack that one-shot kills an enemy, you just run 20 feet away, let them leash back, go back into stealth, and try again.

Bam, one-shot kill.

It’s just…

I’m not being biased, I actually love Elder Scrolls as a series, but this is the LAST THING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE INTO AN MMO.

Elder Scrolls with 4-players woulda been fun, but with 9,000 players running in and out of doors so you keep hearing the door open and close, it’s just obnoxious and stupid.

And don’t get me started on, “I wonder if there’s any secret passageways in this cave? OH LOOK THERE’S 900 PEOPLE RUNNING THROUGH THE WALL OVER THERE. I GUESS THERE’S A SECRET TUNNEL. YEP THERE IS.”

I give it a 3/10.
might want to try final fantasy : a realm reborn !
both still fresh
If what you are saying is true, it really saddens me. I was really looking forward to ESO because my friends and I are always talking about how awesome Skyrim would be if it was multiplayer (we think it would be awesome). One of my friends found ESO and told all of us, and we were talking about it and really excited for it. Now it doesn't sound so fun.
Their launch date is almost a year away so they have time to work on the bugs.

Lucky that you are in the beta. How much space do the beta files take up on your hard drive?

I wasn't aware this would get comments. I'll have to tell the truth. This rant I got from a artist I watch on Tumblr. I had to do a little editing because he swore. No one seemed to be saying stuff like what he was here about ESO. So I wanted to really share his views. I dunno somehow I thought if I wrote "here's what this guy has to say about it" it would just seem really cheap like I was trying to steal some of his thunder. No not really. I just agreed with this man that yes this doesn't sound very good.

My apologies if I seemed like a liar for doing this. With people clamoring for truth in video games these days I just wanted to show the other side of the fanbase for this game. The ones who blindly go OMG THIS IS GREAT and the ones who actually point out concerns.
Honestly, issues like that in a beta sound fairly normal to me. Release is still some time away. I think it at least has potential and will be worth checking out. Now, whether it will have any staying power is another matter entirely.
This isn't "pointing out concerns" this is ranting about a game.

That being said its beta out of all the betas i have played they are almost always like this. When the game comes out its always calmed down a lot
This isn't "pointing out concerns" this is ranting about a game.

That being said its beta out of all the betas i have played they are almost always like this. When the game comes out its always calmed down a lot

guild wars 2 beta is a success and im playing ff beta right now and so far its satisfying
this rant makes me sad :(
Wouldn't it be more useful to complain about this on the ESO forums or whatever.
To be frank, it sounds like most of his issues are that it's not a single player game, assuming any of it's true at all.

I suppose I should be fair here.

I know their beta tests are currently taking up a very small section of the game, and thus any group in there is going to be over saturated with other players.

Second, if this guy actually DID play the beta, and is a "reviewer" or "reporter" or anyone with a popular enough channel for people to view, his !@# is going to be sued and buried due to breaking the NDA.

And ANYONE with their fingers on the pulse of the gaming community realizes that Zenimax Studios has a VERY, VERY, rabid law division.

And thus, I really don't believe this.

How much space do the beta files take up on your hard drive?

I'm not in beta, but I've got myself a client. It's currently 19.8G

For those interested...

A VERY awesome camera man got some choice footage during an interview.

It has a very familiar feel animation and movement wise. It may be just the borders that show up alongside mobs, but it reminds me of Fable.
Hopefully the person who wrote this sent the problems in, so that said problems could be fixed.


Seriously, just tell the devs about the problems, chances are they don't want the world to suck.
Isn't ESO on NDA?

Anyways, I am not looking forward to ESO. It doesn't even look, or sound like an elder scrolls game. Dunmer and Argonians in the same faction is the sign that the storyline in ESO is falling apart.

The combat doesn't look interesting, and it is just a joke overall. They should've just made Elder Scrolls 6, with better combat, and with co-op.

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