Prot Paladin Sha Amalgamation Guide!

Okay so I had a LOT of trouble with the Legendary Questline scenario leading up to getting the Meta gem. The last fight, the Sha Amalgamation was challenging for a tank. For a while it seemed as though it was impossible and that blizz was forcing me to pick up a DPS spec, which I thought was very unfair considering my alt spec was Holy. After a great deal of trial and error I managed to get it down. When I did, it seemed easy. I pulled out all the stops and got him down with ease in the end, but a lot of this might not be necessary. I was ilv 516 though, so lower ilvs might like to do it all.


- Speed of Light (very important)
- Holy Avenger
- Execution Sentence


- Focused Shield
- Alabaster Shield


- Flask of Winter's Bite
- Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp (+300 str)
- Potion of Mogu Power


When the fight begins your NPC friend will constantly !@#$% aggro. You want to taunt as much as you can to gain vengeance and go through your normal rotation of DPSing. Seal of Truth should be active, use defensive CDs and trinks to stay alive. Be sure to kill any adds that are putting the NPC to sleep immediately!

When the Sha Amalgamation starts casting INSANITY, pop your Potion of Mogu Power, Avenging Wrath, Holy Avenger, Execution Sentence and then Speed of Light. (don't worry here if you get a few ticks of Insanity, it's fine). With your speed boost, quickly run around and activate ALL SIX of the anvils. When you're back, hit Avenger's Shield and Judgement, then continue through your rotation.

By the time you get near him, congrats, he's dead!
Seal of Truth should be active

There's your problem. Seal of Insight, let the other big defender guy die.

You're overthinking it, I didn't change a thing or use consumables at all and got it down the 2nd try (blew an anvil early in my 1st attempt).

The trick as prot is not to trigger anvils right away. With clever use of cooldowns, you can survive quite a while during the big AoE damage phase before you interrupt it and with Seal of Insight, you will heal back the damage it caused in no time after popping that anvil.
Thanks man this helped so much. Got it on first try.

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