[H] WTB friends.

Hey guys!

Looking for a guild.
Recent resub, I haven't played for most of MoP so far. Experienced player though, have raided in every single expansion before this one, going back to MC.

I do not currently have raid capable gear, so I don't feel like I can just apply for one of the many guilds looking to fill up their raid teams. My PvP set is pretty abysmal too.

Ideally I'd like to find a mature, largish (at least with a bunch of very active members) guild that isn't in immediate need for a melee dps, but might be happy to have one on standby once I flesh out my gear. I'd be available to raid any weeknight 6pm onwards (not starting too late, I do have work each morning) and virtually any time weekends.

Happy to chat in game or on here, can fill out an application on a site too if you require.

Hope to speak to you soon. :)

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