Tank/DPS + Healer Looking for raiding guild

I am currently looking for a TOT raiding guild
About me :
Characters :
While I prefer tanking/Dpsing on my monk, I'm a team player and happy to play my shaman in resto spec if thats needed instead. I don't really care which I play as long as the company is good.

Aleheart http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Aleheart/advanced
Smalltiger http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Smalltiger/advanced

Experience :
My first raiding experiences were in BC, I was a prot paladin who tanked everything from Mag to Illidan, and stopped shortly into Kalecgos.
In Wrath I played an Unholy/Frost specced DK and led a 10 man guild that made our way to 10 man LK before the first 5% buff was added.
During Cata I played through up to the first 3 heroic encounters for Blackwing, having downed onyxia and stopped at that point due to real life commitments

I'm most interested in finding a raiding guild that I get along with, in that regards I am 25 years old, I work as an accountant, and I am also a continuing student. I enjoy horsing around and being a jackass but not at the expense of raiding. I always come prepared and I am always a positive person in more or less everything I do.

About You :
Im mostly looking for guilds that are mature oriented with respectful players that run a tight ship. You shouldnt have to be a jackass to tell someone they are underperforming and that they need to get the lead out or be sat. Constructive criticism is also welcomed.

I have no qualms about what days to raid but I would prefer a two day raiding schedule, 3 is acceptable as long as there are results from it.

Horde or alliance, I don't really care and am willing to faction transfer as necessary to raid.
I'm happy to fill out applications on websites if you direct me to them and to do interviews or whatever is needed,

Thanks for your time!
Who we are:

<Honor> was founded in 2008 with the purpose of raiding in a friendly atmosphere while still having a professional attitude about progression. For 5 years we have continued this legacy, forming friendships and killing raid bosses along the way. We are one of the longest lasting raiding guilds on server

Who we are looking for:

Mature gamers that are not easily offended(our guild is a lot like a locker room, intact with towel whipping), but also know how to focus and get the task at hand accomplished. You must be available to raid on the majority of days(2 - 3 days a week). Have time to look up logs, forums(the ones here at icy veins are great for this), and constantly be trying to improve.

The current raid days we are recruiting for are Wednesday and Monday(this will change when 5.4 hits, as we will be moving into a 25 man.

We encourage groups of friends to join as well, even if your friend is not raiding they will be welcome as a social member.

Whisper me in game or here... lets see if this is a good fit for what you are looking for.

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