[H] The Monstars 10 man reroll guild

Area 52
Hello there!

The Monstars is currently looking for 2 tanks and any exceptional players to make a charge for heroic content to finish off the tier. We are a group of heroic experienced raiders coming back from a break after our raid group folded pre ToT.

Although we are currently 1/12N(after 1 night) we have many raiders that are 12/12 on other toons that re-rolled to join our raid group.

Raid nights are:

Sunday 10pm-1am est
Monday 10pm-1am est
Tuesday 10pm-1am est

For answers to any questions or more info feel free to message myself, boatmurder, or Brownië in game or send us an in game mail.

You may also check out our guild site and throw in an app at themonstars.guildlaunch.com
Nice Space Jam reference...man I feel old.

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