Ret Pally macro help plz

I have been trying to find a macro that would cast either Hammer of the Righteous or Crusader Strike depending upon my seal and the same for Divine Strom and Templar's Verdict. I would also like to thank anyone in advance for the help.
You won't be able to make one that alternates based on your active seal(I don't *THINK* this is doable), but you can use modifiers in the macro (shift, alt, etc) to change what it does based on what seal you have active.
No. i tried to create some and it doesn't work. you have to use maccro (shift, alt).

Good luck.
Despite being on the stance bar, the game doesn't seem to recognize Seals as stances for macros, so conditionals like [stance:1] don't work. Which means you can't make a macro conditional on the seal you're using. Modifier keys are probably the closest thing.

Which is probably for the best anyway, since a lot of situations call for HotR/DS without switching away from Seal of Truth.
I personally don't think it would be a good idea to do that anyways. Seal of Righteousness requires several more mobs for it to become the "right" seal than it takes for you to want to switch to Divine Storm and Hammer of the Righteous.

Unless something has Changed, DS and HotR require just 2 targets for them to start pulling ahead. Seal of Righteousness requires something like 5+ targets, and even then if they aren't living very long at all, it may not justify wasting a GCD on switching.

I currently just use a alt modifier for TV/DS. I keep HotR separate since I use an addon that tracks debuffs directly on the ability that applies them, so I like to keep those spells visible (tanks use HotR to apply a debuff...ret also, but it's not something you typically have to do when dpsing).

Here's how an alt (or shift, ctrl) might look:

/cast [mod:alt] Divine Storm; Templar's Verdict

/cast [mod:alt] Hammer of the Righteous; Crusader Strike

the "/startattack" isn't something that's required for the modifier functionality, but I always recommend adding it to all melee attacks. What it does is turn on your autoattack even if you aren't currently in range of the target when you hit the macro.
Thank you all very much for your help
i will try the mod alts
Actually, if you just use [mod], any modifier key - ctrl, alt, shift - will trigger the shift. That is, of course, if you don't have shift/ctrl/alt already bound to quickly access a completely different action bar.

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