Druid looking for a home.

Hey I'm looking for an active guild.

Just game back from a bit of a break from the game so excuse my gear at the current time.
I'm looking to join a guild that has Throne of Thunder normal complete or is almost at the stage of completing it and has ambitions to get into heroic raiding some day.

I prefer to raid after 10pm AEST (Server time) till late, and most days shouldn't be an issue but am often working weekends. 2-3 days a week would suit best.

I'm happy to play either Resto or Balance.

Experience of raiding during this expansion consists of Mog Vaults (heroic progression) and Heart of Fear progression. (This is not reflected with this character as I was raiding as a holy paladin at the start of the expansion you can search Scais@barth). My previous guildmates became disinterested in WoW hence why my progression stopped.

Thanks for your time. You may contact me here or in game. Peace.

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