[H] <Expedition> 1 x DPS Team #2

We are in search of an exceptional DPS to fill our team #2. This team was formed last week and went 12/12 in their first week of raiding. With our MT 5/13HM exp and a few others in the team with HM experience we will be progressing through heroic content as of this coming reset (starting Wed 19th June)

Team #1 are currently 2/13HM due to exams/mishaps the last 4 weeks they have been unable to progress, I'd like to really stir up some competition and give them a solid run for their money for the rest of this patch making the coming patch a good healthy race between the two teams.

We are looking for any of the following;

1 x Mage
1 x Elemental Shaman
1 x Boomkin

However I will review any applications from any exceptional players.

You will have at least 515+ ilvl (ideally) along with at least 12/12 experience. If you do not know any HM encounters you must be willing to research them prior to trialling. We raid on Wed 7.30-10.00 Thur 7.30-11.00 Sun 7.30-10.30/11.00 Server Time.

If you are interested either reply here, get in contact with myself (if x-realm PandaBomb#6181) Riceshaman, Tilley or Bahbs. Or alternatively fill out an application form and please add you're applying for team #2 at expedition.enjin.com

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