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This is probably answered in a number of places, but I wanted to ask the community of how well WoW plays on a MAC and what the most appropriate MAC hardware would consist of to get the best WoW experience from a MAC. I may be a new MAC convert from Windows and was hoping that i could get some input as I have always run WoW on Windows.

Many Thanks.
I play on the current 27in iMac, the gtx 680mx can play WoW perfectly fine on ultra in most cases, but I know shadows down to avoid the occasional fps drops that happen in major cities.
Wow will run well on a Mac. However, WoW runs better on a PC.
How well any computer runs any 3d game depends mostly on hardware factors:
-Graphics Card
-Amount of RAM
(There are other factors to consider, but these are the big ones)

I think all current Macs use relatively speed i5 or i7 CPUs of varying speeds.

These Macs have integrated graphics and will probably run the game well at lower settings:
-Mac Mini
-MacBook Air
-Low end 13" MacBook Pros

These Macs have laptop-sized graphics cards and will be able to handle higher settings:
-Other Macbook Pros

The current Mac Pro model is very dated and you should try to hold off until the fall refresh if you want to go with this line of machine. The current model supports full-size desktop graphics cards (more powerful than laptop-sized cards). I'm not as sure about the upcoming refresh, it's a totally new case. We're not sure of the full range of graphics cards options that will be available for this new machine either, so while we would like to see it outperform a fully upgraded iMac, we'll see.

I don't think you can buy a Mac today with too little RAM to play the game, but if you do choose a Mac and want to add RAM, Apple charges a lot -- find your RAM from a third party reseller such as (I have bought upgrades for a few of my previous machines through this website, and will probably do so again for my 27" iMac someday).

FWIW I used a 20" iMac from the end of BC through the first few months of MoP. The game never ran better under Boot Camp (Win XP) than it did in the native Mac client. May depend on the machine to some degree.
Thank you all for your input. I will not be in the market for a new system for at least another six months, but I like to get a jump start since WoW has been my game of choice for a long time. As far as hardware goes, I am familiar with the architecture differences and will be looking at the higher end Mac Book Pros when the time comes. If nothing else, I can pick up a few components and piece together a Windows box just to run WoW, but I'd rather avoid that if the MAC is sufficient enough.

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