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Hello all,

I'm Jaymz (James), a Feral druid (with Guardian Offspec). I've been playing WoW since April of 2009. This character has been my main that entire time. My raiding "career" began in ToC and I have cleared all normal and much of the heroic content since then, while it was current. I have also raided on several alts (Prot Pally, Rogue, Resto Druid) at a fairly progressive level in a 10man setting. During Firelands and Dragon Soul I led a 10man Alt-Run. I consider myself a perfectionist and continuously strive to be the best feral druid/player I can be. I'm an avid reader of many blogs and theorycraft websites and forums, such as Fluid Druid, The Inc Bear, Maintankadin, Sacred Duty, and many more.

Approximately 2 months ago I left the guild I'd been a part of since the end of Wrath of the Lich King and then decided that a temporary break from the game was needed. As it turns out my very old (~6yr) computer agreed with me, as my motherboard finally gave out. The time away has been nice and refreshing, but now armed with a new computer, I'm ready and excited to return to raiding. It will be really nice to raid with FPS in the double digits finally!

Here are some things I'm looking for in a guild, in no particular order:

- Alliance (Horde will be considered if everything else is a good fit.)
- Heroic ToT progression a HUGE plus.
- 25man (10man will be considered.)
- Prefer EST or CST Server
- Prefer Chicago or NY datacenter
- Active outside of raid (Forums, old content/achievement runs, Challenge Modes, Alt-Run, etc)
- 2 or 3 raid days per week, totaling 8-12 hours a week
- Evening raid times (8pm-1am EST approx.) Sunday-Thursday (Friday/Saturday pm not an option for progression)
- Mumble voice chat is preferable to Vent
- Raids streamed live a plus (to assist me in decision making)

Lastly, the community/atmosphere of the guild. I'm looking for a smart, respectful, dedicated, active and like-minded group of people. After all it's much easier to enjoy the game when you enjoy spending time with the people you game with, right? I'd rather be a little less progressed with a group of people whose company I enjoy rather than clear everything with a bunch of people I don't have anything in common with.

These are just some examples of what I hope to find in a guild. I do fully understand that the likelihood of finding ALL these things in one guild is slim, but one can hope, right? If I do find a guild that's a good fit, you can bet I will be one of the most loyal, reliable, and supportive members you will ever have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you in advance for any replies you leave.
You can contact me here in this thread, via twitter @DuridJaymz, or in game on the Eldre'Thalas server.



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