Help with a control mastery tanking build?

As you may notice by my armory, I'm struggling a little bit with reaching the expertise cap for taking with a mastery control build.

Is there any advice one of the more veteran tanks here would be willing to give me? I'm not quite sure how reaching 15% is possible itemization wise until I get my ilvl higher, but if it is I would very much appreciate the advice.
A lot of it's simply going to come down to getting better gear. You have a lot of poorly-itemized pieces with no sockets, which is limiting your options. There is an expertise glove enchant that will give you a bit more, though.
You have a few pieces that could be reforged differently. Neck isn't reforged at all - your shoulders could be reforged Mastery -> Hit, and then another piece that's reforged into Hit could be reforged to Expertise instead.

Ignoring the obvious (missing enchants - I can understand skimping on gear that's easily replacable, although there *is* a +170 expertise enchant for gloves and +175 hit to boots), I don't actually think it's possible to fully Expertise cap in your current gearset. It can happen if you're still gearing up and you have really poorly itemized gear.

I'd like to also add the caveat that Haste is definitely superior to Mastery for a Prot Paladin. Mastery isn't bad by any means, but Haste outperforms it in many ways (and this is purely from a defensive standpoint - Haste also increases your DPS). Both obviously fall far behind Hit/Exp caps but you have that part down already.
Get rid of the direbrew trinket. Go buy a ghost iron dragonling, 600 hit, expertise, and haste. It's cheap and an amazing trinket despite the low itemlevel. I used mine until I got the 496 mastery trinket in toes.

Hit enchant on cloak, expertise on gloves, and hit on boots.

With your extra ~1k hit replace hit reforges with expertise reforges.

Level blacksmithing and socket bracers and gloves for 640 more expertise. Buy/craft belt buckle for 320 more expertise.

Consider buying Ornate Battleplate of the Master. The mats should only set you back a few thousand gold. Lots of expertise and mastery and sockets. Couldn't ask for a better item at that level.

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