Iron Qon Tornados

Bug Report
I checked to see if this was reported and didn't see anything, so apologies if it has been. We were doing Iron Qon tonight, 10M. We had just had our first Wind Storm and had pulled the boss to the back of the room, where the portal is when you are not in combat yet. One lone tornado came back into the raid, and picked ME up, it promptly dumped me out OUTSIDE of the wall, out of the raid. I couldn't re-engage in the fight. That is, until the next Wind Storm, a tornado came ALL the way back to where I was standing on the steps and picked me up and dropped me back in the raid. It was amusing at the time, but it could be a problem.

And YES I know, AVOID the tornadoes and that won't happen. I am from Oklahoma, so tornado warnings are pretty common place here. They seem to like to torment us Okies. ;)

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