[H] Hero Squad 10m, 12/14H is LFM

Bleeding Hollow
Hero Squad is a 10 man semi-hardcore raiding guild that is looking for a ranged DPS for Siege of Orgrimmar heroic progression. We focus on efficient raiding by maximizing our progression in the relatively short amount of organized time we have together. Outside of raids, our guild members spend their time on a multitude of activities, ranging from arenas to pet battling to leveling up alts.

We use mumble for our voice communication and EPGP for our loot system.

Raid times:
Tuesday, Thursday 9-12pm

Current Progression:
12/14H Siege of Orgrimmar

Recruitment needs:
Non-druid healer
Shadow Priest

We are looking for players with similar heroic experience and 575+ ilvl.

If you don't see your class/spec listed and still wish to join, please feel more than free to contact me. We are always looking for exceptional players to boost our ranks and currently use a very active bench system, rotating players as much as possible on non-progression heroics..

You can get in touch with me by posting below or talk with me in game through my battletag Warmmanger#1495

If a Melee DPS spot opens for any reason, please contact me. This guild fits my progression / availability perfectly.
Bump! Heroic Ji-Kun just killed
Still looking!
DK Tank here, LFGuild. Battletag is NukaCola#1704, trying to get in touch with you!
Hey guys! I came back for 5.3 and busted my !@# to catch back up and get back into the raiding scene. went 12/12 then 1/13 in ToT with my current guild.. however our GM/MT and one of our healers doesn't feel like raiding anymore. In turn 3 of our dps aren't logging in because of it so I may be in the market for a new raiding guild.

517ilvl right now, I only need like 3-4 pieces i think - just have had no luck in terms of drops lately. Anyways, if you'd be interested in an ele shaman I'd love to chat a bit. I'm probably one of the most laid back drama free people you could meet, and I'm all about having a good time while getting $%^- done =) Hoping to hear from ya!
Looking for a healer for 5.4!

Resto druid, mistweaver monk, or holy paladin.
Looking for a healer for 5.4!

Resto druid, mistweaver monk, or holy paladin.

xp req?
Looking for at least 5/13H experience just as a sort of benchmark as a heroic raider.
Still looking for a healer!
Come heal for us!
Come be one of our core healers for 5.4!
Still need that healer!

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